9:00 A.M., TUESDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2004


I.                   Invocation

II.                Pledge of Allegiance

III.             Call to Order

IV.            Acceptance of the Agenda

V.               Request for approval of a license pertaining to the sale of alcoholic beverages at the location of Logan’s Roadhouse, Inc located at 20 Mill Road, McDonough (Nick Day, Business License)(Exhibit #6)

VI.            Modification of a Zoning Condition

Kenco Development, LLC – MC-04-06; Commissioner Freedman, District 2 (Exhibit #7)

Kenco Development, LLC of McDonough, GA  requests a modification of a zoning condition for property located at 388 McCullough Road, in Land Lot 76 of the 6th District.  The property contains 29.63 +/- acres, and the request is to modify a zoning condition regarding sidewalks. Report prepared by Cheri Matthews, Chief Planner.  Municipal Planning Commission recommended Approval on 9/9/04.

VII.         Rezoning

Barbara C. Thomas – RZ-04-26; Commissioner Adams, District 4 (Exhibit #8)

Barbara C. Thomas of Stockbridge, GA requests a rezoning from R-2 (Single-Family Residence) to C-2 (General Commercial) for property located at 3809 North Henry Boulevard, in Land Lot 34 of the 12th District.  The property consists of 0.49 +/- acres, and the request is for a commercial development.  Report prepared by Stacey Jordan, Planner 1.  Municipal Planning Commission recommended denial of C-2; however they recommended approval of C-1 on 8/12/04.

VIII.      Agenda Amendments / Emergency Agenda Items

IX.            Public Comments – Citizens are allowed to voice county-related concerns, opinions, etc., during this portion of the meeting. ****

X.               Commissioner Comments

XI.            Approval of Minutes

XII.         Upcoming Meetings:

1.     10/13/04 (Wednesday) – 6:30 p.m. Quarterly Meeting with the Board of Education.  This meeting will be held at the Board of Education, 33 North Zack Hinton Parkway, McDonough.

2.     10/18/04 (Monday) – 9:00 a.m. Regular BOC Meeting

3.     10/19/04 (Tuesday) – 6:30 p.m. Regular BOC Meeting

4.     11/1/04 (Monday) – 9:00 a.m. Regular BOC Meeting

5.     11/2/04 (Tuesday) – 9:00 a.m. Regular BOC Meeting

XIII.      Executive Session

                                       A.      Personnel Matters

                                        B.      Real Estate Matters

                                       C.      Legal Matters

XIV.      Approval of Affidavit and Resolution Pertaining to Executive Session

XV.         Adjournment