8:30 A.M., FEBRUARY 16, 2004


I.                   Call to Order

II.                Acceptance of the Agenda


III.             Executive Session

A.     Real Estate Matter


IV.            Approval of Affidavit and Resolution Pertaining to Executive Session

V.               Administration and Finance Division

A.  Approval of minutes for the 1/8/04 Committee Meeting (Exhibit #1)

VI.            Human and Community Development Division (Michael Sabine Division Director)

A.     Request approval to amend the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant Project # 13-00801 to provide for an extension (Exhibit #2)

B.      Request approval of a bid pertaining to the rental of portable toilets for the Parks and Recreation Department (Exhibit #3)

C.     Request approval to accept an increased funding under the Community Service Block Grant (CSBG)(contract #93-45709) from the Georgia Department of Human Resources (Exhibit #4)

D.     Request approval to accept a donation to Senior Services from the Henry County Council on Aging (Exhibit #5)

E.      Request approval of a bid pertaining to the purchase of an elevator maintenance contract for various departments (Exhibit #6)

F.      Request approval of the Georgia Department of Transportation Transit Operating Assistance Grant (Grant # 18-9023)(Exhibit #7)

G.     Approval of minutes for the 1/13/04 Committee Meeting (Exhibit #8)

VII.         Economic Development Division (Danny Taylor, Division Director)

A.     Mr. Mike Vining’s request to address the Board regarding an update of the streetlights in the Cotton Creek Subdivision (Exhibit #9)

B.      Ms. Carla Andrew’s request to address the Board regarding changing the M-1 classification to include kennels (Exhibit #10)

C.     Request approval of an Ordinance to amend the Development Impact Fee Ordinance for the purpose of changing the time of payment of impact fees assessed by the impact fee ordinance; and for other purposes (Exhibit #11)

D.     Text Amendment to Article IV Improvements Standards, Section 3-8-94 Construction requirements for residential subdivision streets, of the Zoning Ordinance of Henry County adopted June 3, 1986, as amended, by amending sections 3-8-94 and 3-8-95 to provide clarity and revise the residential subdivision street development standards (Exhibit #12)

E.      Request approval of an adjustment in the fee schedules for certain services provided by the Henry County Planning and Development Division (Exhibit #13)

F.      Request approval of an Ordinance to amend Chapter 3-6, Article III of the Code, entitled “Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control;” to provide for institution of a Residential Land Disturbance Permit; and also to establish a fee for this permit (Exhibit #14)

G.     Approval of minutes for the 1/15/04 Committee Meeting (Exhibit #15)

VIII.      Public Works Division (Michael Harris, Division Director)

New Business

A.     Mr. Anthony Payne’s request to address the Board regarding abandonment of an entrance into the Twin Oaks Subdivision (Exhibit #16)

B.      Request approval to amend the current Purchasing Policy to allow the Purchasing Department to advertise bid opportunities in the legal organ of the County or by electronic means on the County Website (Exhibit #17)

C.     Approval of minutes for the 1/12/04 Committee Meeting (Exhibit #18)

Department of Transportation

D.     Request authorization to advertise a public hearing - petition for abandonment of a portion of a public road known as Corporate Center Drive (Exhibit #19)

SPLOST Department

E.      Request approval of Designation #5 of the SPLOST II program (Exhibit #20)

IX.            Public Safety Division (Rob Magnaghi, Division Director)

A.     Approval of minutes for the 1/27/04 Committee Meeting (Exhibit #21)

X.               Board of Commissioners

A.     Request approval on an Ordinance amending Chapter 3-14 of the Code, entitled “Alcoholic Beverages”; and for other purposes (County Attorney’s Office)(Exhibit #22)

XI.            Public Comments (Citizens are allowed to voice County-Related concerns, opinions, etc., during the public comment portion of the meeting.  Anyone who wishes to address the Board is asked to sign up in advance with the County Clerk before the meeting begins.)(Public comments are for non-agenda issues)

XII.         Commissioner(s) Comments

XIII.      Adjournment


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