HENRY COUNTY- June 4, 2021-- With warm temperatures upon us, Henry County Animal Care and Control is once again stepping up patrols to be on the lookout for pets left in hot cars. Too often, beloved pets are left in dangerous situations where owners leave them locked inside of their vehicles during the heat of the day, while they stop by a store or restaurant or run other errands. 

To combat this distressing trend, Henry County Animal Care and Control is now in its ninth year of implementing “Operation Cool Down,” reminding people not to leave their pets in hot vehicles. Any animal that is found unattended in a vehicle, that is in distress, will be removed from that vehicle by Animal Care and Control officers by whatever means necessary, as permitted under Henry County Ordinance. Violators of the ordinance may face fines up to $1,000 or 60 days in jail.

The Animal Care and Control Department has already received several calls this year regarding animals being left in cars, with the department issuing four citations thus far. 

Officials at Henry County Animal Care and Control advise residents to keep their pets at home if their pets cannot be with them at all times. Experts say that a dog naturally has a higher body temperature than a human and that leaving them in a hot car could be deadly. In addition, owners should make sure that their pets have a constant source of clean, drinkable water at all times and have adequate shelter from the heat. 

For more information about Henry County Animal Care and Control, please visit www.hcacc.org.