HENRY COUNTY, GA. – September 22, 2020 –The final week to collect 2020 Census responses has arrived and with the help of Henry County residents completing a Census survey, the county can maintain its top ten ranking and ensure the most accurate representation for the community.

Being counted in this year’s Census means more federal funding in the community where you live for important programs in areas such as education, healthcare and funding for infrastructure and road improvements. The information is also used to redraw legislative districts and determine the number of seats each state has in the U.S. House of Representatives.  

Currently, Henry County ranks number ten in the state of Georgia, edging out several surrounding counties, with a 70.1 percent self-response rate, topping the county’s 2010 Census self-response rate of 69 percent. Officials are hoping to increase that number as more residents fill out the census.

“I am really encouraged by our top ten ranking, but I really want to see Henry County at the number one spot for response,” said Don Ash, Emergency Management Director and Chair of the Henry County Complete Count Committee. “This last week to receive Census responses is critical because it means federal funding for so many important programs. I want everyone to be counted so that Henry County receives its fair share of those funds.”

The 2020 Census is a procedure that counts the number of all people living in the United States. Census numbers affect the funding of public resources and will determine the reapportionment of Congress and how much funding goes to federal programs.

For the first time, the Census may be filled out online. It’s quick and it’s easy. Make sure you’re counted!

For more information on the 2020 Census, please visit 2020census.gov or call Henry County Census phoneline at 770-288-7849.