HENRY COUNTY, GA- July 31, 2020-- The Henry County Police Department (HCPD) Quality of Life Unit (QOL) is applying for a federal grant of $26,532.00 under the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Formula Program: Local Solicitation, CFDA 16.738, to support the project entitled “LPRs for Quality of Life Unit.” HCPD seeks to maximize the effectiveness of JAG funding at the local level in the Quality of Life Unit (QOL) with the purchase and installation of License Plate Readers (LPRs) that will significantly increase the ability to fight crime. If awarded, budgeted equipment will be 100% federally funded and incur no additional expenses charged to taxpayers.

The HCPD QOL Unit plays a key role in preventing, detecting and investigating criminal activities. License plate readers are critical to the success of law enforcement activities. The main goals of this project are the purchase and installation of LPRs to complement existing equipment, quickly assisting the HCPD with identifying and apprehending suspicious persons and vehicles, and keeping communities in Henry County safe.

Submission deadline for this grant application is August 19, 2020. A public comment period, as required in the official solicitation, allows citizens to inquire about the proposed program and to voice comments or suggestions. Henry County’s grant administrator, Kimberly Monast, is available for questions or comments at 770-288-6540 or at kmonast@co.henry.ga.us . 

After August 19, a copy of the proposed application can be viewed in-house by scheduling an appointment with Ms. Monast during regular business hours, or by requesting a copy be provided to you via email, postal mail or direct pick-up. The Henry County Police Department and Henry Board of Commissioners maintain strict financial stewardship of federal and state grant award dollars and welcome your inquiry.