HENRY COUNTY, GA - June 26, 2020—The Henry County Veterans Treatment Court (VTC) will hold its second commencement ceremony on Thursday, July 2 beginning at 8:30 a.m. at the Henry County Veterans Memorial Wall in McDonough, honoring the second veteran graduate who has completed the intensive treatment program, currently under the leadership of Judge Pandora Palmer, who presides over VTC.

The Henry County VTC began on October 5, 2018, joining a nationwide surge of accountability courts specifically tailored for veterans, addressing issues of substance use-disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other service-connected mental health diagnoses via individualized counseling and additional needed services to achieve success.

The Veterans Treatment Court’s mission is to increase public safety by reducing recidivism; alleviate the tax burden of incarcerating law-breaking veterans by assisting participants to become productive taxpayers versus inmates; to provide intensive case management and counseling to address the veterans’ diagnosis; and offer the familiarity of structure and accountability, similar to what they encountered during their military service.

It’s estimated that 774,464 veterans reside in Georgia, with over 21,000 of them living in Henry County and Palmer said it’s an honor to help those veterans who are in need.

“There are almost 200,000 veterans in jail in the United States. Veterans Treatment Courts are a second chance for vets who have lost their way and are facing incarceration,” said Palmer. “It is truly an honor and one of my greatest accomplishments as a judge to be presiding over this Court and to be in a position to help those who have sacrificed greatly for our country.”

The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), estimates that more than 39 veterans attempt suicide daily, with more than half of them succeeding, however it’s believed that many of these veterans never sought treatment or resources available through the VA. The Veterans Treatment Court works to ensure that veterans in the system connect with the VA and access all the benefits and services available to them and their families. 

Veterans Treatment Court collaborates with other agencies to include clinical treatment, therapy, community supervision, home visits and community service, along with support from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans are also paired with a mentor who help them navigate through treatment. 

The Veterans Memorial Wall is located at 101 Lake Dow Rd. in Heritage Park. All are welcome.

For more information on the Veterans Treatment Court, visit www.co.henry.ga.us/Departments/Courts/Accountability-Court or contact Craig Ogilvie at 770-288-6223 or cogilivie@co.henry.ga.us.