HENRY COUNTY, GA. – May 28, 2020 – As county operations continue to be phased back into a regular schedule, Henry County Transit has implemented a transition plan to return to regular service and accommodate riders.

This week, Henry County Transit once again began offering medical rides only to those riders who have medical appointments.  

Transit Director Taleim Salters said that he plans to return to regular service by mid-June, although that is dependent upon the ever-changing COVID-19 coronavirus situation and impact. 

All but rides for dialysis service were suspended in mid-March when county officials made the decision to close county facilities to the public in an effort to safeguard employees as well as citizens.

“We look to return to routine service by mid-June, but because the situation is fluid, that schedule could be modified,” he said.

He said there will also be new guidelines in place for both drivers and riders. Amid the Covid-19 coronavirus, it is important to continue to practice social distancing in the workplace. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that individuals keep six feet distance between themselves and others, which is about two arm’s length. 

Henry County Transit Drivers will be required to wear face coverings during interactions with passengers; wear protective gloves while securing wheelchairs, walkers, taking fare and assisting passengers on or off the bus; and disinfect vehicles after each completed trip.

Passengers will be required to wear face coverings while on the bus; no more than three passengers or two passengers and one wheelchair (includes personal care attendant and escort) onboard at a given time; the first row of seating will be inaccessible to passengers to ensure safe social distancing; and passengers will be seated in a staggered manner to ensure safe social distancing.

To schedule a medical ride with Henry County Transit, please call 770-288-RIDE.