HENRY COUNTY, GA- January 9, 2020—The Henry County Board of Commissioners are collectively in support of and approved a resolution that allows local governments to regulate building design standards for residential dwelling units. The action came at the January 7 Commission meeting. 

The approved resolution is in response to the proposed House Bill 302 that came out of last year’s General Assembly which prohibits local governments from enacting design standards for single or multi-family residential structures.
District IV Commissioner Vivian Thomas shared her sentiments regarding the subject.

“We don’t want to give someone in Savannah permission to tell us how to build houses here in Henry County. Our needs are different, our infrastructure is different and our communities are different,” said Thomas. “This is a very strong message that we have to send to the Capitol to stop this bill. This is a very heavy movement and it can be very costly to the growth and development here in Henry County.”

Chair June Wood echoed Thomas and explained to citizens that Home Rule, a legal embodiment of the idea that the more local the government is, the more responsive it is to be to its citizens, and said that should be valued. 

“At the ACCG legislative conference, this was a very hot topic that many counties throughout the state were concerned about and they are very concerned about the elimination of Home Rule for building designs for their communities,” said Wood. “We don’t want any violation of Home Rule as it pertains to our local design standards. No one knows more about the community than we do locally. This message has been elevated at all levels and will continue to be elevated.”

County Attorney Patrick Jaugstetter, who presented the item, said that the county will transmit the resolution to the General Assembly.