HENRY COUNTY, GA - August 21, 2017 - District V Commissioner Bruce Holmes wants residents to be aware that he is working diligently on his initiative to keep the commercial corridors throughout Henry County both welcoming and beautiful.

Holmes is currently partnering with Clayton County officials to insure that the commercial corridor along State Route 138 in Stockbridge is properly maintained in order to stay appealing for citizens and businesses. The effort is a collaboration between Henry and Clayton Counties to keep the gateways to both counties attractive, clean and beautiful through a schedule of regular mowing and landscape maintenance, as well as litter pick-up and control.

“We want to insure that SR 138 remains one of the most beautiful gateways south of I-20, into Henry and Clayton counties and we are excited to partner with our neighbors in Clayton County,” said Holmes. “We are working to keep the area beautiful in order to continue attract the quality businesses we desire, which aids with economic development and opportunities for everyone.”

Holmes said that he has been working for many years on beautification efforts throughout the county, and that several years ago, medians were upgraded with landscaping and topiary design and this effort is a continuation of that beautification initiative. He said that the county recently outsourced crews to maintain the right-of-ways along the commercial corridors and the county continues to maintain the medians.