Henry County Budget 2020 Survey

You don’t need to be familiar with the County’s budget to take part in this survey, but we would like to understand how familiar members of our community are with the budget process, in order to ensure that citizens and stakeholders have the information they need to be informed.

Budget Department

Address: 140 Henry Parkway, McDonough, GA 30253
Tel: 770-288-6034 / Fax: 770-288-6034
Director: Angie Sorrow

FY2020 Adopted Budget

FY2018 Budget

Annual Budget
FY 2003-2004 (PDF)
FY 2004-2005 (PDF)
FY 2005-2006 (PDF)
FY 2006-2007 (PDF)
FY 2007-2008 (PDF)
FY 2008-2009 (PDF)
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FY 2018-2019 (PDF)