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Superior Court

Real Estate: Locating Records

You may search for deeds and liens online here and you may search real estate property records here.

To locate real estate records, it is time saving to have the following information prior to coming to our office:

  1. Buyer’s Name (grantee)
  2. Seller’s Name (grantor)
  3. Date of the transaction

This information is necessary to search the real estate indices to find a book and page number.

Misc. Records

To locate records on the General Execution Docket, Trade Names, Charters, Limited Partnerships, General Partnerships, or Notary Public appointments, it is time saving to have the following information before coming to our office:

  1. General Execution Docket - name of plaintiff or defendant and the date ofjudgment
  2. Trade Names - name of the business
  3. Charters - name of the corporation
  4. Limited/General Partnerships - name of the corporation
  5. Notary Public - name of the notary and date of commission

Should you have trouble locating or copying records, any employee in the Clerk‘s Office are available to assist you.

This office cannot research information about recorded documents by telephone. The information maintained is public record, and anyone may come in to research documents. Deputy clerks are available to assist Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. To research documents online, please click here.

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