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No. 1 Courthouse Square
McDonough, GA 30253
Tel: (770) 288-8022
TTY: (770) 288-6818

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Superior Court

Examples of Filings

  • I.Civil Cases
    • General Civil
    • Domestic Civil (Divorce)
    • Civil, Criminal or Domestic Appeal
    • Name Change Petition
    • Legitimation Petition
    • Condemnation Petition
    • Modification Petition
    • Contempt Petition
    • Worker’s Compensation Petition
    • Uniform Reciprocal Enforcement
    • Support Act Petition
    • Family Violence Petition
  • II. Criminal Indictments: Criminal Accusations
  • III. Subpoenas: Witness/Deposition/Production of Documents
  • IV. Adoptions: Records are sealed and are not available to the public. An ordersigned by a Superior Court Judge is the only venue to opening a sealed adoption.

Last updated: Thursday July 09 2009

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