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Office of the Solicitor General

Investigative Division

Solicitor General Investigative Division

The Solicitor General has assembled an investigative staff with a diverse range of training and experiences.

All of the Solicitor’s Investigators are certified as peace officers by the Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council and each has their own specialty training and background.

The primary function of the Solicitor’s investigators is to provide prosecution support to the Solicitor General’s legal staff. By locating and processing prosecution witnesses and conducting supplemental pretrial investigations, investigators strengthen cases for prosecution. Part of that responsibility includes obtaining relevant case information, conferring with attorneys, witnesses, and other parties as deemed appropriate, writing reports for judicial officers based upon interviews, attending court hearings and testifying in court as needed, and conducting special investigations requested by the Solicitor General.

The Solicitor General’s Investigative staff maintains a close relationship with all surrounding law enforcement agencies in support of criminal investigations and to help provide a clear perspective from a prosecutorial view.

Last updated: Thursday April 11 2013

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