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Purchasing Department

Purchasing Policy

Purchases of $1,000 to $9,999 shall have at least three written bids for each item. Fax bids are acceptable for these bid responses. A NO BID from a known supplier of the items on the purchase request is considered a valid bid. In the event of a NO BID by a supplier, another supplier shall be sought to obtain three bids.

When it serves the County's interest best, purchases may be effected by utilizing Federal or State of Georgia contracted pricing schedules rather than going to the expense of conducting the county bid process on items or commodities contained on these established contracts. Cooperative bidding and the resulting purchase agreements issued jointly with other Counties and Cities is encouraged where it financially benefits Henry County. Such "Co-op" agreements are subject to Board approval where required.

Award Procedures

Once all bids have been received, they will be extended to determine the total value of each supplier. An award shall be made to the lowest bidder meeting the requirements of the bid. Award may be by overall low cost for the County, and will always be made in the best interest of the County. Purchases of $10,000 or more shall be by competitive sealed bids or sealed proposals.

Each bid shall be submitted on documents supplied by the County. The documents supplied by the County shall be complete with an announcement page, boiler plate which includes the terms and conditions for the County, a response page for the bidder to identify himself and descriptions of the materials, supplies, and/or services required by the County.

In addition, the announcement of the bid must be published in the official organ of the County for the specified time as required by law. There shall be an advertised time and place for all bids to be received and opened. The bid opening will be conducted by the Central Services / Purchasing Director with the County Manager (or designee), requesting Department Head and any interested citizens or vendors.

Once all bids have been received and opened at the public meeting, the bid amounts will be extended to determine the total value of each supplier. A recommendation for award shall be prepared for the lowest bidder meeting the requirements of the bid. Recommendation may be by overall low, but will always be made in the best interest of the County.

The Director of Purchasing or his designated representative shall present the recommendations for award on each bid with all necessary facts to the next scheduled official public meeting of the Henry County Board of Commissioners. The Commissioners will make the final decision for all awards of $10,000 or more.

The Henry First Initiative: Local Vendor Privilege

(a) There is established in Henry County, a local vendor privilege. Bids or proposals awarded to local vendors contribute to the local tax base and will therefore, be given special consideration when bidding against out of jurisdiction (out-of county) vendors. Bids or proposals received from local vendors will be given preference if such bid or proposal is responsive and within five (5) percent of the low bid submitted by any out-of-county bidder. In such instance, the local vendor will be given the opportunity to match the low bid offered by the out-of-county vendor. If such local vendor agrees to match the lowest bid received from the out-of-county vendor within the time specified by the County, the bid shall be awarded to the local vendor.

A local vendor shall only be eligible to receive the benefit of this privilege if it meets each of the following requirements prior to any award of a contract or purchase:

  1. The business or supplier must operate and maintain a regular place of business within the geographical boundaries of Henry County; and
  2. The business or supplier must have a current Occupational Tax Certificate; and
  3. The business or supplier must have paid all real and personal taxes owed the County ;and
  4. The business or supplier must certify its compliance with the Georgia Security and Immigration Act.

(c) This policy shall not apply to any bid or proposal for material, equipment or services in excess of $100,000.00. In such cases, the bid award shall be subject to the competitive bidding requirements as otherwise provided herein or general law.

Last updated: Tuesday August 25 2009

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