Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains frequently asked questions that the planning team has received from the public.

How much does this study cost and who is paying for it?

The $125,000 master planning effort is made possible with a $100,000 grant from the Atlanta Regional Commission and a $25,000 match from Henry County.

How much will Henry County taxpayers have to pay for the recommended transportation projects?

The master plan will identify funding from a variety of sources, each with their own requirements. Those funded by the LCI program require the local government to pay 20 percent of the project cost, including engineering. Typically an 80 percent LCI grant is between $500,000 and $5.0 million.

Other funding sources have there own requirements. The consultant team and the County will work to ensure that those projects requiring local funding are appropriate investments in the future of the study area.

What are you planning to build?

Other than a conceptual north-south parkway running from Hudson Bridge Road to Jonesboro Road, on the west side of I-75, no recommendations have yet been made.

Recommendations will emerge during the master planning process based on technical analysis and stakeholder input.

Why doesn’t the proposed parkway west of I-75 extend further north and south?

This effort focuses on a possible parkway between Hudson Bridge Road and Jonesboro Road. However, the county’s Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) does envision the possibility of a more extensive parallel network. However, such is outside of the jurisdiction of this planning effort.

When are you going to build the proposed parkway?

This study is not a roadway engineering or building project. Rather, it is a comprehensive review of transportation and land use aimed at identifying projects and policies consistent with the goals of the LCI Program and the needs of Henry County stakeholders. The proposed parkway is just one of several projects that will likely emerge from this effort. All such projects will be subject to future refinement (including concept plan revisions, engineering, and right-of-way identification and acquisition) consistent with State and Federal processes.

Are you working for the development of the Jodeco Summit project?

No. This effort is initiated by Henry County. It is an inclusive planning process that will strive for input from all parties, including residents, businesses, property owners, and developers, to establish a shared vision.

Is the proposed Jodeco Summit being built by the same group that built the Summit project in Birmingham?

Yes. The proposed project would be developed by Bayer Properties, who also developed the Summit shopping center in Birmingham, Alabama.

Are you planning infrastructure improvements needed to promote economic development?

The County is working to promote infrastructure improvements to the study area, and the Henry County Development Authority is a partner in this effort and included on the Core Team.

What will the impact on schools be, and is the school board engaged in the process?

Typically, compact, mixed-use development in LCI communities is most appealing to empty nesters and singles. Henry County has a large amount of single-family land that will be more appealing to families with children, so minimum impact is anticipated, on the school system.

The Henry County School Board is engaged in the planning process, and included on the Core Team.

How will you handle traffic and the widening of Mt. Olive Road near the church? There are graves on both sides.

The consultant will assess the impacts of the proposed land use program on traffic, and provide recommendations for minimizing that impact. However, because the plan is just getting started, there are no specific recommendations for any projects at this time.

What is the current zoning in the study area, and are you planning on rezoning property?

The study area today includes a range of zoning districts, but is mostly commercial (C-2 and C-3) zoning with several tracts of residential (RA) and industrial (M-1).

The plan will produce a new zoning code for the study area that enables the plan’s vision, but the details are unknown because we are just getting started.

All future zoning changes will be processed through the standard County process.

My neighborhood, Morgans Pond, abuts the study area but is not represented on the Core Team. How can we get involved?

The planning team has attempted to include adjacent neighborhoods, but many do not have homeowner’s associations and are, therefore, difficult to contact. Please share your contact information with us and we will include you.

How much does a mile of roadway cost?

Typically the Atlanta Regional Commission’s project pricing calculator establishes that roadways cost $2.4-2.6 million per lane mile. This may be high given the current economic slow down and reduced construction costs.