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Nash Farm Park - History

Kilpatrick’s Cavalry Raid August 18-20, 1864
Nash Farm HistoryGeneral Sherman, determined to cut Confederate General John Bell Hood’s supply lines south of Atlanta, sent U.S. Major General Judson Kilpatrick’s 4,700 cavalrymen on a raid. By early afternoon on August 20, Kilpatrick was at the Nash Farm, but indelicately sandwiched by Confederate infantry in front and Confederate cavalry in back. The Yankee horsemen drew their sabers, hacked their way through the Texas brigade in front and proceeded eastward toward McDonough. Kilpatrick’s breakthrough at the Nash Farm property is recorded as the largest cavalry charge in Georgia’s history.

The Infantry Battle: After The Fall of Jonesboro September 2-5, 1864
Nash Farm HistoryAfter Jonesboro fell into Sherman’s hands on September 1, 1864, Hardee’s Confederate Army Corps retreated six miles south of Jonesboro to Lovejoy. U.S. General Sherman immediately sent his army from Jonesboro to Lovejoy to finish off General Hardee’s decimated Confederate Army Corps. A brisk engagement took place all along Hardee’s line. On September 3rd, Confederate General Stephen Dill Lee’s Army Corps, followed by Stewarts Corps, reestablished Hardee’s right flank at the Nash Farm.

US General Schofield was ordered by General Sherman to try and turn the Confederate right flank. General Schofield reported back to General Sherman “The enemy’s line has been extended last evening, and is probably beyond my reach. It appears to run along a high ridge immediately in front of the McDonough Road and behind Walnut Creek (Henry County). I am feeling well to the left with skirmishers to see if I can reach the enemy’s left on the McDonough Road.” Schofield’s location was on the Union Army’s left flank and was in the direct line of fire facing Stewarts and Lee’s Corps.

By the morning of September 6th, Sherman pulled his army back to Jonesboro to join other Union forces that were already in his prized city of Atlanta for which he had fought since May, thus ending the Atlanta Campaign.

Confederate General Stephen D. Lee’s (11 Day Campsite) at Nash Farm
Nash Farm HistoryFrom September 6-17, Confederate General Stephen D. Lee’s Army Corps camped on the Nash Farm. Lee’s position also protected the Confederate right flank.

On September 18, 1864, the last portion of General Hood’s army vacated the Nash Farm, officially closing the final chapter of the Atlanta Campaign.

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Last updated: Thursday July 30 2009

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