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Division Chief of Training

Ike McConnell
Training Chief

The Training Division, under the direction of the Training Chief, conducts and coordinates all department training activities including but not limited to recruit training, fire suppression, emergency medical, technical rescue, officer development and other training programs as necessary to meet established state and federal mandates each year. The division is responsible for ensuring that all department members meet the requirements as set forth by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Insurance Services Office (ISO), Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training, Georgia Department of Human Resources, and the internal requirements by the Fire Department.

This position is responsible for organizing, designing, implementing, and managing training and employee development programs for the Henry County Fire Department. This position may also serve as a Command or General Staff Officer when necessary on incident scenes. Listed are some of the major duties of this position: developing training goals and objectives in conjunction with Fire Department Senior Staff; organizes and develops training programs for Firefighters and EMTS;   provides new recruits with an orientation program and is responsible for conducting and administering all training requirements and programs, including the operation of an assessment center for prospective recruits; Assists the Division Chief of Operations by providing FF/EMTs and FF/Paramedics with training courses and by assisting them in preparing for certification and re-certification requirements; Ensures all Fire/EMS personnel are properly certified by maintaining employee training/certification files and provides monthly reports to the Deputy Chief, and performs related work as required.

The goal of the Henry County Fire Department Training Division is to provide the highest quality training, instruction,  and  educational support to our members. This is intended to prepare our department  to  serve  our  community  in  the  most  efficient  and  effective means possible, and to ensure the safety of our citizens and personnel.

The Training Division is responsible for the following:

  • Processing applications for new employees.
  • Testing, interviewing and hiring new employees.
  • Conducting recruit school for new employees
  • Conducting EMT school for new employees.
  • Developing a continuing education plan for all personnel
  • Conducting Paramedic school.
  • Providing “Academy Style” classes for continued education, to teach new skills, and to assist each employee with career development. 
  • Conducting Promotional processes for competitive rank positions.   

Simply, we are mandated to make sure our personnel are trained.  Georgia Firefighters Standards and Training Council and Georgia Department of EMS both require that we obtain a certain amount of training on an annual basis so that our personnel remain competent in their assigned certified positions.  Above that minimum, it is a goal of the Henry County Fire Department to adhere to the training requirements set forth by the Insurance Service Office.  In addition to Fire and EMS requirements there are several other competencies that require yearly training.  Those include but are not limited to Basic Mandate Law Enforcement (LE), Hazardous Material, Tech Rescue, Dive Operations, and several others.  These requirements are accomplished by:

  • Providing a Continued Annual Training plan for yearly training. 
  • Encouraging individual and company training every shift.
  • Hosting and delivering developmental classes for our personnel 
  • Keeping abreast of all training requirements. 
  • Maintaining for reference, a Master Course File of classes instructed within the HCFD.
  • Maintaining complete comprehensive training records.
  • Delivering the most meaningful and realistic training possible while ensuring personal safety.

EMS Training Captain

Captain Robby Russell
Fire - EMS Training

This position is primarily responsible for coordinating and presenting training classes and drills in all levels of training within the department, under the general direction of the Division Chief of Training. Captain Robby Russell is responsible for supervision of personnel assigned to training activities. He is required to perform operational duties at emergencies rescues and at stations or elsewhere in the general department operations if needed. The purpose of this position is to provide effective training and drills for all members of the department. Captain Russell’s performance in this position may directly and/or indirectly affect the health and well-being of the citizens. Russell became an employee of the department in April of 1993.

Paramedic Instructor

Amy McCullough
Paramedic Instructor

This position is primarily responsible for coordinating and presenting our in house EMT and Paramedic program. Amy McCullough is responsible for supervision of personnel assigned to training activities. In addition, she assists in instructing on-duty personnel in both basic and advanced EMS skills.


Training Facilities

The Training Division offices are located at 664 Industrial Blvd. This facility hosts the offices for the Division Chief, Administrative Assistant, and the Training Captains. We have three class rooms available at this facility as well as a library, conference room, and a personnel training file room. Also located at 664 Industrial Blvd is our training ground. This area is approximately 1 acre devoted to the “hands on” training of our personnel. On these grounds is a drill tower, class “A” burn building, confined space simulator, SCBA maze, and props for Liquid Petroleum (LP) training. The Paramedic / EMS Instructor’s office was located at Station 5 on Elm Street in Hampton until mid 2010. At that location we have a class room, conference room and a supply area for EMS training. The Division will continue to support the classroom at Station 5 as well as the classrooms located at Station 10 on Upchurch Rd and at Station 11 on Flat Rock Rd. These classrooms are located in the second floor of the facilities and are used throughout the year by our personnel for in service classes as well as Academy classes.

The Henry County Fire Department Paramedic Program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (www.caahep.org) upon the recommendation of the Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Services Professions (CoAEMSP) (www.coaemsp.org)