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Frequently Asked Questions

My road or street has litter scattered on it, what can I do?
Contact the Early Release Department at (770) 288-6210 as they are responsible for roadside pickup.

Trash is dumped on public or private property, what should I do?
Code Enforcement should be called to investigate the dumpsite. If names or evidence leading to the responsible person is found, Code Enforcement will summons the violator to court. You can also call the Littering Hotline at (770) 288-6200.

My neighbor has built a fence on my property, what can I do?
Property disputes must be handled in civil court. Code Enforcement can address the height or type material used.

There are junked vehicles parked on a property, can Code Enforcement do anything about them?
Code Enforcement can issue a notice for removal and if they are not removed, the violator can be cited to court.

What can I do about a barking dog or a loud radio that is annoying?
Loud noises such as radios, and vibrations, even odors can be considered nuisances. Call Code Enforcement at (770) 288-6200 and a notice to correct the problem can be issued and if not, violator cited to court. For animal loudness issues call Animal Control at (770) 288-7387.

When calling Code Enforcement, is it necessary to give my name?
In some cases it is not necessary but in some cases such as nuisance complaints, it is necessary. In nuisance situations, the complainant must testify in court to help prove the case.

What can I do if vehicles are parked on my street?
Please contact the Police, the police has jurisdiction in the public streets.

What if a tractor-trailer is being brought into my subdivision?
Call Code Enforcement and we can determine if it is legal, depending on the zoning.

What if I have a question concerning a building code?
Please contactl the Building Department.

My neighbor has a swimming pool, is he required to have a fence around it?
You should call Code Enforcement to have an inspection made to determine if a fence is required. Some above ground pools do not require a fence, however, all in-ground pools must be enclosed by a security fence.

My neighbor has some farm animals on his property, what can I do?
Call Code Enforcement and we can check the zoning and acreage to determine if the farm animals are legal. If they are there illegally, then the appropriate steps will be taken to get them removed.


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