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Transit Permit Instructions For Move-In Structures

If the structure is to be located in Henry County, the following regulations apply:

  • Move-in structures (ref. Sec 2.03.05 ULDC)
  • $150 non refundable fee for preliminary inspection
  • In RA zoning, Building Department can approve placement with a recorded plat
  • All other zonings require conditional use hearing before Planning & Zoning and Board of Commissioners.
  • $10,000 performance bond or bank escrow letter of surety from a bank approved by HC made payable to HC B of C (or city) to ensure completed within 6 months of date of bldg. permit (may be extended 30 days by Bldg. Administrator)
  • Building permit fee of $150; however, if an addition to the original structure is requested there will be an additional fee.
  • The Building Permit must be obtained before the Transit Permit is issued

The following requirements apply to all structures being moved into or through Henry County:

  1. House mover must complete the Transit Permit application
  2. Take the application Code Enforcement to approve the route
  3. Return application to the Building Department for completion along with the $35 Transit permit fee.

Contact Building Department at (770) 288-6051 for an application packet.

Last updated: Wednesday November 19 2014

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