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Building & Plan Review Department

Residential: Accessory Structures, House Additions, and Pools

If the subject property is served by a septic system, submit a plan showing your new structure in relation to your home and property lines, including measurements, to Henry County Environmental Health Department . An approval letter, indicating that the new structure will not in any way impact the septic system, is required to obtain the permit. With the approval letter, please submit the following completed documents:

  • Accessory Structure Application Packet
  • Contractor’s Current State License
  • Company and Qualifying Agent or Individual
  • Type of License MUST match the named individual’s relationship to Contracting Company
  • Legible and precise plans that include the following information:
    1. Elevations (include a detailed list of building materials)
    2. Foundation (i.e., basement, slab, or crawl space)
    3. Floor plan with labeled rooms

Plans shall have the square footage for the following items:

  • First floor
  • Second floor
  • Bonus room
  • Garage (whether attached or detached)
  • Covered porches and decks
  • Detached structures, including dwellings
  • Pools, including pool decking
  • If any portion of the property lies within the flood plain as shown on the plat, a site plan must be provided showing the foundation to be 3 feet above the numbers indicated on the Henry County Stormwater Flood Plain Maps. The forms listed below must be completed by a licensed surveyor or engineer (original signature and seal).
  • A FEMA Flood Plain Letter when any type of natural water exists on the property.   
  • Henry County Flood Plain Letter when any type of natural water exists on the property.  
  • Separate Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical permits are required. In order to avoid delays If you, as the home owner, wish to obtain all mechanical permits, we recommend that you send a separate check if they’re being submitted at the same time as the building permit.

Bring this completed information to The Henry County Building Department at 140 Henry Parkway, McDonough, GA, 30253. Once your permit has been approved, you will be contacted to come and pay for and sign the permit. Typical turn around time is less than two business days.

While the work is underway to lay the grade and foundation, the trade contractors can be contacted to obtain their respective mechanical permits. They will need their State Contractor’s card and a copy of their business license for the current year. You will also need a survey letter indicating the exact location of the foundation footprint (form boards) in relation to all property lines and easements. This letter will be required before the first inspection can be made.

Call the Automated Inspection Request (AIR) line at 678-583-3654 and follow prompts for all required inspections.

After all inspections are completed and approved, a Certificate of Occupancy can be issued. To obtain a Certificate of Occupancy you will need to bring the following information to the Henry County Building Department:

  • The signed building permit card
  • The termite treatment letter
  • If on a septic system, an approval letter from the Henry County Health Department is required.

Last updated: Wednesday November 19 2014

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