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Environmental Compliance

Permit Requirements

A Development Permit is required to perform land-disturbing activity (clearing, grading, erosion control, etc.) in Henry County.  To obtain a permit, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Submit eleven (11) copies of Construction/Site/Development Plans with two (2) copies of the Hydrologic Study, if applicable, prepared and signed by a registered engineer, to the Development Plan Review Department at the address above.
  2. At time of submittal, a plan review fee (see fee schedule) must be received and a permit application form completed.
  3. All plans submitted will be reviewed in the Development Plan Review Department by:
    • Engineering – 1 set
    • Erosion & Sediment Control – 1 set w/hydrology
    • Planning – 1 set
    • Fire Department – 1 set
    • and will be distributed for review to the following departments:
    • Henry County Stormwater Management – 1 set w/hydrology/water quality
    • Henry County DOT – 1 set
    • Henry County Environmental Health (see #5. below) – 1 set
    • A separate review by the Henry County Department of Transportation Planning (see #6 below) is required – 1 set w/Traffic Impact Study
    • Copy may be given to City Manager and/or SPLOST if applicable. – 1 set
    • A separate plan review process is necessary in gaining approval through the Henry County Water & Sewerage Authority. For approval, plans must be submitted directly to:
    • Henry County Water & Sewer Authority (1695 Hwy 20, McDonough, GA 30253) (678) 583-3820 – 1 set
  4. Review comments will be compiled by the Development Plan Review Department and returned to developer/engineer for any necessary revisions.
  5. A release from Henry County Environmental Health is required prior to issuance of a Development Permit, if site is on septic.  Henry County Environmental Health will require the submission of the Level 3 Soil Report for all subdivisions utilizing Onsite Sewage Management Systems at the predevelopment/preconstruction phase.  The Level 3 Soil Report must meet the requirements set forth in the State Manual for Onsite Sewage Management Systems and must show the lot layouts.
  6. Please see Traffic Impact Study Threshold and Requirements in Development Info Packet.
  7. Irevocable Letters of Credit, Escrow Letter of Surety or Maintenance Bonds for Land Disturbance and Accel/Decel Lanes (if applicable) must be submitted prior to permit issuance.
  8. Upon approval from the above departments, a Development Permit will be issued by the Development Plan Review Department in a scheduled pre-construction conference between the various representatives from departments performing the plan review process and the developer/grader who will be performing the work.  Fee for Development Permit is based on fee schedule.
  9. Developer must possess valid Business License at the time of permit issuance.  Business Licenses are issued in Henry County by the Tax Commissioner’s Office (770) 288-8150.
  10. The Development Permit must be obtained prior to issuance of Building Permit (which would be applied for under a separate application).

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