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Final Plat Review Procedures

On initial submittals, please submit six (6) copies for distribution and review by the appropriate departments.  This initial review process will take approximately ten (10) days.  Under normal circumstances, we will complete the review process before then and will notify the developers.

When redlines are returned to the developer, we will include a bill for street signs as well as a punch list for any field work that may need to be completed.  In the meantime, be sure to turn in all required information to the Project Administrator of Henry County Water Authority so that we can get approval from them for the final plat.  When redlines have been corrected, submit the mylar and five (5) copies, all with original signatures. 

Once the plats have been returned and all submittals approved they will be transmitted to the final plat committee.  This committee normally meets once a week.  After approval by the committee, the plats are then signed by the appropriate people.  Please allow at least two (2) days after the committee signs off on plats to obtain these additional signatures.

After the plats are signed, the developer will then be notified to pick up the mylar and to provide additional copies (22 sets for County or 27 sets for City of Stockbridge*).  When these copies are returned, the developer will be provided with three (3) copies with original signature for recording.

* Effective 1/1/06, any projects in the City of Stockbridge will be required to adhere to the city’s new bond and platting requirements.

Below is a “checklist” of items that must be submitted and approved prior to final plat approval:

  1. Completed application
  2. Final Plat fee
  3. Maintenance bond (if applicable)
  4. Right of Way Deed
  5. Right of Way Recording fee
  6. Street sign payment
  7. Water Authority approval
  8. Core Test approval
  9. As built approval – drainage and storm water
  10. As built approval – hydro detention pond
  11. Copy of Protective Covenants
  12. Correction of all field work punch list
  13. Electronic submittal

The above items are all addressed in the application packet which you may pick up in the Development Plan Review Department.

If questions should arise before your final plat is ready for recording, please feel free to call either George Patterson or Karen Atkinson at 770-288-6064, otherwise you will be notified promptly each time your plats are ready to be picked up.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation in the final plat process.

Final Plat Review Package


Last updated: Tuesday December 23 2014

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