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Building & Plan Review Department

FAQs: Residential

When does an accessory structure have to be permitted?

When it is over 120 square feet AND on a permanent foundation.


How long from the time that an inspection is requested until the inspection is made?

If called in before 4:00 p.m.the inspection usually will be made the next business day.


Who can pull permits?

The homeowner can pull permits if they are going to over see the work and construction is on property they occupy. Other wise a licensed general contractor must pull permits.  


FAQs: Commercial

What code edition does Henry County enforce?

The State of Georgia mandates the minimum codes applicable statewide. You can find the current minimum code at http://www.dca.state.ga.us


How are permit fees calculated?

Permit fees are calculated using the Valuation Data Tables compiled by the International Code Council. From this valuation, a fee of $3.70 is charged for each $1000.00 of Valuation. Further, a Plan Review fee is calculated by multiplying the Permit Fee by 25%. A minimum fee of $50.00 is charged for both the Permit and for Plan Review.


Who do I call for an inspection?

If your site has an open building permit, you should have been given your inspectors business card with their contact information. You may call your inspector directly, or you may call 770-288-6053 and request them by name.


How long will it take to get an inspection?

Our deadline for same day inspections is 9:00 AM. Any inspection called in after that time will be set up for the next business day. Any inspection not done on the day for which it was set up will be a priority the following business day.


Who can purchase a permit for work on a commercial site?

Any person applying for a permit must meet the requirements of the State of Georgia with regard to Licensure of General Contractors and Residential / Light Commercial Contractors.  The type, cost and amount of work must match the limits as set forth by the State of Georgia for these licenses, respectively.


How do I set up a meeting to go over concerns I have about the requirements surrounding my proposed business / contract work.

Contact Barbara Crittenden at (770) 288-6319. She will schedule a meeting for you.


How long does a plan review take?

By State law we have 10 days. However, we often complete them much more quickly.


Can there be more than one permit open on a job?

Yes, we often have multiple permits on one job.


Do you require separate plans and permits for fire sprinklers?

Yes. Please contact Barbara Crittenden at (770) 288-6319. Top

Do you require a permit and separate plans for fire alarms?

Yes. Please contact Barbara Crittenden at (770) 288-6319. Top


Last updated: Wednesday November 19 2014

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