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Environmental Compliance

Development Plan Review

Recent changes in state law now allow certain plats to be recorded without the prior approval of Henry County.  Pursuant to the Official Code of Georgia Annotated §15-6-67, no approval from Henry County is required to record a plat if no new streets or roads are created or no new utility improvements are required or no new sanitary sewer or approval of a septic tank is required.

A recorded plat is required for all building permit applications; however, no building permit can be issued on any lot that does not meet the minimum dimensional standards as required by zoning.  Zoning information may be reviewed in Chapter 2 of the Unified Land Development Code or by contacting the Planning and Zoning Department at 770.288.7526.

If you have questions about your plat or property, please contact our Plan Review and Environmental Compliance Department at 770.288.6190.

Resolution 09-161
A resolution to amend the effective date of adoption for the Unified Land Development Code as an ordinance, and the Henry County/Cities Joint Comprehensive Plan. Click here to download the resolution in PDF format.

Mission Statement

To implement the environmental compliance and plan review provision of the Henry County Unified Land Development Code, and to maintain erosion control standards set forth by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, and the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission.

The Department will coordinate the inspecting, monitoring, and plan review in the development permitting process, to ensure that the County's natural resources and quality of life are protected and to provide efficient and courteous service to the citizens of Henry County.

Last updated: Wednesday November 19 2014

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