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Wild Animal FAQs

Coyote Armadillos
Armadillos are the only living mammals that wear such shells. Closely related to anteaters and sloths, armadillos generally have a pointy or shovel-shaped snout and small eyes. Their bodies are 15-17 in length with a tail that is almost just as long.
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Coyotes are among the non-native wildlife found throughout the southeast. They are largely misunderstood creatures and have a reputation as being a nuisance. They are, however, proving to be an asset in maintaining the balance of wildlife in Georgia.
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Coyote Opossums
Opossums are very adaptable and will live wherever food, water, and shelter exist. They inhabit woodland areas along streams, ponds, lakes, swamps, and marshes. Farmland is preferred over forested areas. Opossums also are commonly found living in residential areas, making their homes in backyards and under sheds and other outbuildings.
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Vulture Vultures/Buzzards
Vultures/Buzzards are some of the most common species of birds found throughout the southeast. Vultures commonly seen in the Southeast are classified as one of two species, the turkey vulture or the black vulture.  The turkey vulture has a red, wrinkled head and a dark body.  The black vulture has a head that is dark to light gray and furrowed with wrinkles.
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Gray/Red Fox
Members of the dog family, Canidae, foxes are found throughout Georgia, in both rural and urban landscapes. There are two species of fox in Georgia, the gray fox and the red fox.

Gray foxes are “salt and pepper” gray with patches of reddish fur on the neck, flanks, legs and underside of the tail.  They typically weigh between 8 and 12 pounds are 34-40 inches long.  A black stripe runs along their back down to the tail tip. Red foxes are a deep reddish brown to yellowish red with a characteristic bushy red tail tipped with white.  The red fox weighs between 8-14 pounds, and is 36-45 inches long.
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Vulture Raccoons
The raccoon “Procyon lotor” is a stocky mammal up to three feet in length and weighing between 8-20 pounds. Distinctive markings include it’s “bandit’s mask” - a black mask over the eyes, and a heavily furred tail with black rings. Fur color can vary from gray to black, although a somewhat yellow, "tawny" color are common in some areas. Raccoons have pointy, triangular ears and hand-like front paws. Breeding peaks in February and March, but can occur at any time from December to June. Litters of 1-7 "kits" are born after about 63 days. Young are weaned after 10-12 weeks, but can remain with the female as a family unit for up to one year.
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Last updated: Thursday April 17 2014

Animal Care & Control is on Facebook!

Animal Care & Control is on Facebook!

Animal Care & Control is on Facebook!

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Animal Control Ordinances

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