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Henry County Animal Care & Control

Reclaim Your Pet

If an animal has been impounded by our department or is found and brought to the shelter by a citizen, it is now safe and cannot fall victim to injuries, poisoning, animal attacks, rabies exposure, inclement weather conditions, cruelty, and all the other hazards that can befall pets when they are wandering loose.

Owners have (4) business days to reclaim their animals. In order to reclaim, the owner will need to provide the department with proof of ownership. Proof of ownership can be a current rabies certificate, a current photo of the animal, vet records, registration papers, or microchip information.

Georgia State law and Henry County Ordinance require that all dogs and cats have a current rabies inoculation. The purchase of a rabies certificate will be required at the time of reclaim if proof of a current rabies vaccine cannot be verified.

Reclaimation Fees: (All Fees are per animal)

  • Impound fee: $30.00; the impound fee increases in $30 increments with each impound of the same animal or animals from the same owner within a calendar year
  • Daily board: $5.00
  • Rabies certificate: $15.00

Last updated: Friday June 25 2010

Animal Care & Control is on Facebook!

Animal Care & Control is on Facebook!

Animal Care & Control is on Facebook!

Animal Control Ordinances

Animal Control Ordinances

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