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Henry County Animal Care & Control

Lost & Found Pets

Our current listings for both lost and found pets is available online. You may also report a lost or found pet through the respective pages. You may also view our currently housed pets page.

Pets cannot tell us where they live, which is why having current identification tags on your pet is so important. Pets that are found wearing current identification tags are 95% more likely to be returned to their owners than pets with no identification or identification that isn't current!

If you have lost your pet, it is very important that you make the time to visit the shelter to look for it as soon as possible. We hold stray/found animals for four (4) business days (excluding Sundays and County holidays.) After this time has passed, these animals may be offered for adoption to the general public, transferred to rescue organizations or humanely euthanized. Our staff cannot tell you over the telephone whether or not your pet is in the shelter. Our department handles thousands of animals a year and your pet will be MUCH more recognizable to you than it will to us!

Here are some additional ways to help find your lost pet.

If you have found an animal, please contact our department at (770) 288-7387. An officer will be dispatched to pick up the animal or you can bring the animal to the shelter during regular business hours. Our Animal Shelter is the central location that residents come to look for their lost pet, so it is important that lost pets are brought here.

If you have found a pet, please remember that it is not yours to keep. In most cases, a heartbroken owner is out there searching for their pet. If you opt to keep a pet you find and an owner later surfaces, even months later, and they can prove ownership, you may well have to surrender the pet back to the rightful owner.

In most cases, owners are not obligated to reimburse you for any expenses you incurred while keeping the pet. If you find pet, please bring it to the shelter. We will gladly contact you if the rightful owner does not reclaim their pet and you may adopt the animal from us.

Last updated: Monday January 31 2011

Animal Care & Control is on Facebook!

Animal Care & Control is on Facebook!

Animal Care & Control is on Facebook!

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Animal Control Ordinances

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