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HCPD partners with Stockbridge to provide Safe Zone

HCPD partners with Stockbridge to provide Safe Zone

In an effort to keep citizens safe when buying and selling goods in person-to-person transactions, the Henry County Police Department has partnered with the city of Stockbridge to provide a “safe zone” within the city for those transactions.

Safe Zone is a project created by law enforcement officers and funded by the city of Stockbridge to provide the citizens of Stockbridge with a secure location in which they can exchange, buy or sell items and feel safe in doing so. The Safe Zone location can also be used to conduct custody exchanges.

The new Safe Zone selected as the exchange location is the front of the HCPD’s North Police Precinct, located at 4545 North Henry Boulevard. A video camera surveillance system has been installed to observe and record exchanges. The surveillance camera can be observed remotely and does not require an officer to be there to witness the exchange. This will give citizens the assurance that their transactions are being recorded and provides law enforcement with a record of the activity if needed in the future for investigations.

For more information on this program contact Captain Hillard M. Ireland at 770-288-8260.

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