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Henry County Animal Care & Control

Found Pets

If you would like to list your lost pet, or if you would like to let us know about an animal that has been found, please send an email to webmaster@co.henry.ga.us.

Please include the following information if possible:

  • A photo (no attachments over 1MB in size).
  • Area the pet was found and/or where pet is now (Subdivision, Street, Town)
  • If wearing a collar, what color is the collar and does it have tags
  • The breed of the pet (To the best of your knowledge)
  • Approximate size/weight of pet
  • Any distinguishing markings
  • The sex of the pet
  • Contact phone number
  • Contact email

The more of this information you include, the quicker your pet will be posted and the better chance you will have of someone matching the post to your pet. (If you do not want your phone number published, please request this in the email, however we do need you to provide it as Animal Care & Control may need to contact you.)

Please note that by submitting your information you understand that your information will be publicly available on the County website. Henry County Board of Commissioners is not responsible for how this information may be used outside of the scope of the Animal Care & Control lost/found pets section of the website.

Note: To ensure that the listings are as up to date as possible, listings over 60 days will be removed unless otherwise advised.

Animal Control will post the pictures at the shelter; however, you should take the time to physically come to the shelter at least once a week to look for your lost pet. We look at hundreds of animals each month - so their pet, while easily recognizable to them, is not so easily recognizable to us!


Listed: July 28, 2014

Found Pet

Small male dog found on 7/27 in Waterford Pointe Subdivision (off of Noah's Ark Road), Jonesboro, Henry Co. Appears to be Shih Tzu or Yorkie. Owner should be able to describe distinctive collar.

Contact: Lauren
Phone: 304-997-0209

Listed: July 22, 2014

Found Pet

Found Pet

My family found a pit bull mix off of Brennan Rd. near the McDonough town square. He looks very well taken care of. He has a brown collar, but it looks like the tag fell off. He's pretty nicely sized, and very friendly. We've brought him inside because of the rain, and he appears to be house trained. He's anxious, probably missing home. The owner can contact us at the email or phone number below.

Contact: Email
Phone: (678) 565-9177

Listed: July 7, 2014

Found Pet

We found this chihuahua near Dutchtown Elementary School on July 3. He has obviously been someone's pet because he is extremely friendly, trusting and housebroken, but he did not have a collar when we found him (You can tell he has worn one before). He weighs about three pounds and is probably about 3-5 years old. We are really hoping he was not dumped.

Contact: Selina
Phone: (770) 363-8134

Listed: June 27, 2014

Found Pet

Found Pet

Puppy found in NorthPark apts off Rock Quarry Rd, Stockbridge

Contact: Beth
Phone: 770-235-0830

Listed: June 23, 2014

Found Pet

Found dog in Hampton area around 6-17-14

Contact: Email

Listed: June 19, 2014

Found Pet

Found Pet

This sweet tempered male dog has been wondering along Monarch Village Way since at least Jun 14, in the Monarch Village subdivision. Very friendly with other dogs & affectionate with people. He seems well cared for and probably an inside dog. Coat seems well kept. No tags on 1" black collar. No microchip.

Contact: Karla

Listed: June 16, 2014

Found Pet

This sweet dog has been hanging out at the Lake Talmadge Subdivision in Hampton. She has a blue collar but no tag.

Contact: Debbie
Phone: 678-814-2658

Listed: June 9, 2014

Found Pet

Found this sweet dog Sunday, June 8, 2014, in the Ola area.

Contact: Christy
Phone: 770-510-8124

Listed: June 2, 2014

Found a small black and white dog.. the vet says she thinks it mixed with dachshund and maybe terrier...It has a big black area,on his head one his back and on his rear. Very friendly dog and loves to ride and wants to come into the house every time the door is opened..

Contact: Geraldine
Phone: 770-954-0225

Listed: June 2, 2014

Found Pet

Found Pet

Found Pet

I have a dog at my house that was found hanging around a friend's house on Chamber's Road in McDonough. She is very friendly and seems to be a terrier or coon hound. She is between small and medium size, probably about 15-20 lbs. Her colors are black and white. She has a black face, a black midsection, and a black tail with a white dipstick at the very tip of it. The rest of her is white with black spots. She is very affectionate and seems to have been taken good care of. I want to be able to get her to her home as soon as possible. Thank you!

Contact: Jannah

Listed: May 29, 2014

Found Pet

Found a puppy in Windsong plantation division at the corner of Windsong drive and Willow Oak court.

Contact: Alwyn
Phone: 678-431-6415

Listed: May 28, 2014

Found Pet

Found Pet

This dog was found in the Big Springs subdivision off of Hwy 155 in McDonough (Tracy Lane) on 5/26. She is very well-mannered, timid, loving and appears to have been an indoor dog at some point. Age is guessed to be 2-3 yrs. old. Vet noticed a scar which indicates she is likely fixed. No microchip. Please call the number below if you know the owners of this sweet girl.

Contact: Email
Phone: 678-702-4614

Listed: May 27, 2014

Found Pet

Found Female Boxer mix. Zack Hinton and Racetrack Road. Very Sweet, looks like she may have had puppies recently.

Contact: Email

Listed: May 27, 2014

Found Pet

Found Sheltie, area of Southern Belle Farms, and Lake Dow

Contact: Email
Phone: 678-300-1555

Listed: May 20, 2014

Found Pet

FOUND: English Bulldog/Female/young. Found in Cotton Creek Subdivision located between Crumbley and Airline Roads. Found on 4/21/14. Microchipped, but not registered. Any information, please call the number below .

Contact: Connie
Phone: 470-233-9027

Listed: May 8, 2014

Found Pet
Found Pet
Found Pet

This cat is in the Jaclyn Circle area in Waterford Commons off of Hwy 155 in McDonough. Very sweet but malnourished.....can tell she used to be a house cat. Please post these pics to see if she belongs to anyone.

Contact: Email

Listed: May 5, 2014

Dogs found near Bowen and E. Mays Rd. Black female and calico male. Calico had a chain collar but came off. Black doggie has collar but no id.

Contact: Priscilla
Phone: (678) 790-0861

Listed: May 2, 2014

Found Pet

Found May 2, 2014 at 8am in the Monarch Village Subdivision.

Contact: Kristen
Phone: (678) 561-5675

Listed: April 29, 2014

Found Pet

FOUND: Female dog, believed to be a Jack Russell Terrier. She was found on Miller's Mill Rd near Flat Rock Rd. on Friday 4/25/14.

Contact: Tammi
Phone: 404-895-8588

Listed: April 23, 2014

Found Pet

English Bulldog found on 4/21/14 in Cotton Creek Subdivision located between Crumbley Rd. and Airline Rd. Female/young .

Contact: Email
Phone: 470-233-9027

Listed: April 16, 2014

Found Pet

Found in McDonough at Bed Bath and Beyond on April 15th with no collar, no micro-chip. Super sweet little blonde weinie dog mix, older, little bit on the chubby side. Seems to be housebroken.

Contact: Cathy
Phone: 770-954-1658

Listed: April 14, 2014

Found Pet

Found - Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Found in Oak Bluff subdivision off of Jackson Lake Road. Very Friendly. Housebroken and knows some basic commands. We are more than willing to foster until her family can be found.

Contact: Nicole
Phone: 330-690-2756

Listed: March 27, 2014

Found Pet

Found older male beagle at publix on hwy 20 west going towards hampton. Very sweet and lazy.

Contact: Amanda

Listed: February 3, 2014

Found Pet

She was found on January 31st, 2014 wandering confused at an intersection around East Lake Road (McDonough, GA). She is tan with a black snout, black tipped tail, perky ears and very lovely copper brown eyes. If you know this dog, contact me. I can be reached at 404-408-7305 (call or text) or by email below. More pictures by request. I am eager to help this sweet girl find her way home.

Contact: Allen

Listed: January 30, 2014

Found Pet

During the cold weather I found this dog wondering the streets between Wilkerson, Stagecoach, Coatsworth, East Atlanta. I have been feeding and sheltering this dog under my deck with lots of blankets and warm dog food.

Contact: Email

Listed: January 22, 2014

Found Pet

He was found at Brookwood Estates trl and Flat Rock in Stockbridge. He didn't have a collar. 

Hes being feed and was kept inside last night since it was so cold. 

He's a sweet dog.

Contact: Mia

Listed: January 13, 2014

Found Pet

Found female pitbull. Found behind QT off exit 216 on 75. She is gray with white on her chest, neck, and between her eyes. She has gray eyes. Very sweet temperament. She was found w a chain collar attachment on, but no tags.

Contact: Kaile
Phone: 706-654-0276

Listed: January 8, 2014

Found Jack Russell Terrier type Dog. It has a black studded collar and no tag. Found just off Kelleytown Road on Pleasant Grove. The dog showed up yesterday afternoon with another dog – black with one eye. This dog came into our fence and would not leave. The other dog left. It is currently in a dog kennel. It seems to be very friendly. I checked with our neighbors and no one on this side of Pleasant Grove is missing a dog. Please contact Animal Control about this dog at (770) 288-7387 after today.

Animal Control: (770) 288-7387

Listed: January 2, 2014

Found Pet

This dog wandering into our cul-de-sac in the Magnolia’s off of Hwy 42 on Christmas day. She is about 7 years old and is a terrier mix. She is wearing a blue collar with no tags and is not chipped. She has a flea allergy and that is why most of her fur is missing. She is very sweet and loves kids.

Contact: Rich
Phone: 770-231-6487

Last updated: Monday July 28 2014

Animal Care & Control is on Facebook!

Animal Care & Control is on Facebook!

Animal Care & Control is on Facebook!

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