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Transportation Planning

Procedures and Principles for Developments of Regional Impact

What is a DRI?
Developments of Regional Impact (DRI's) are large-scale developments likely to have effects outside of the local government jurisdiction in which they are located.  The Georgia Planning Act of 1989 authorizes the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) to establish procedures for intergovernmental review of these large-scale projects.  These procedures are designed to improve communication between affected governments and to provide a means of revealing and assessing potential impacts of large-scale developments before conflicts relating to them arise.

GRTA's legislation also requires that it review DRI's within its jurisdiction.  The purpose of GRTA's review is to approve or disapprove the use of state and federal funds to create transportation services and access that may be required as a result of the DRI.  The goals of the review are protecting and efficiently allocating limited state and federal resources, promoting compliance with regional transportation plans and air quality standards, and furthering GRTA's mission and goals.  The current policy for GRTA review of DRI's became effective in January of 2002 and is available upon request, or can be downloaded from this website.  GRTA's review operates concurrently with the review performed by the Regional Development Centers (RDC) required by the DCA.

The material that follows is designed to provide applicants, local governments and others with basic information about the review process.  GRTA plans to regularly add material to this website that will assist interested parties in completing the process.

Developments Subject to GRTA Review

A proposed development triggers the DRI review process when a request for local government action is initiated (e.g. a zoning or permit application).  DCA determines whether a development is large enough to be classified as a DRI.  More information about DCA regulations is available on the DCA website.

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