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Transportation Planning

Joint Henry County/Cities Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) adopted

Henry County’s transportation needs are influenced by many factors including a rapidly growing population and changes in the locations of jobs, services, shopping, and recreational opportunities. Additionally, social and economic changes have a significant impact on transportation options. Most major transportation projects take years to complete and require careful and deliberate planning far in advance of construction.

Henry County completed its first ever Joint Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) for the county and the municipalities of Hampton, McDonough, Locust Grove and Stockbridge. The Joint CTP includes a package of transportation projects and strategies to relieve congestion and improve mobility through the year 2030. Meaningful public input was received in the development of the CTP through the community visioning process coordinated with the 2030 Comprehensive Plan process.

Henry County undertook a joint planning effort with the four cities to address land use and transportation issues and opportunities.  While the Atlanta region has been the fastest growing are in the nation in the past decade, Henry County has been the sixth fastest growing county in the nation from 2000-2004.  The Atlanta Regional Commission estimates that growth will continue in the County with more than 230,000 new residents and 215,000 new vehicles added to the County by the horizon year 2030. 

Henry County has completed its first ever Joint Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) for the county and the municipalities of Hampton, Locust Grove, McDonough and Stockbridge. The Comprehensive Joint Plan is a set of policies that addresses land development, growth and infrastructure issues throughout the County and Cities.  The goals of the CTP was to develop public policies and projects for improving the transportation system in Henry County and identifying a set of agreed-upon transportation priorities, for all levels of government, to use in implementing these policies and projects.

The Henry County Joint CTP was adopted by the Board of Commissioners and the councils for the each of the four  municipalities in 2007.

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Introduction
  3. Past, Present, and Future
  4. The Transportation System
  5. Transportation Needs & Issues (Pt. A)
  6. Transportation Needs & Issues (Pt. B)
  7. Community Visioning
  8. Institutional Issues
  9. CTP Goals & Objectives
  10. Transportation & Land Use Connection
  11. Transportation Plan Development
  12. Corridor Opportunities & Concepts
  13. Financial Element
  14. Plan Recommendations & Implementation (Pt. A)
  15. Plan Recommendations & Implementation (Pt. B)
  16. Linkage to Henry County/Cities Comprehensive Plan

Last updated: Thursday September 24 2009

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