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Vehicle Registration

Specialty License Plates

On Wednesday, May 12, 2010, Governor Purdue signed into law House Bill 1055 which immediately went into effect. This law increases many state fees, including special and prestige license plate fees. Except for military plates, fees are increasing from $25 to $35 and annual special tag fees will increase to $35. Many of the special license plates currently on vehicles did not pay an additional special renewal fee. Examples of plates types previously exempt from annual special tag fees are: Wildlife Plates (aka Eagle Tags, Hummingbird and Bob White Quail) and Hobby Antique plates. For each tag sold, the local governing authority will continue to receive only $1 to offset operation costs.

The State of Georgia has many specialty license plates available to allow citizens to show their support for special interests, colleges, and causes.  You may apply for a special tag at the time you register your vehicle or at the time you renew your vehicle's existing Georgia tag, but you must still register your vehicle at our tag office during the established registration period. If the special tag is in our inventory and you meet all the requirements for issuance, the tag can be issued to you at that time. If the tag is not in your county's inventory, a temporary operation permit can be issued for your use in operating your vehicle until the tag becomes available for issuance. To view all the specialty plates available, and their fees and requirements, please click here.


Last updated: Thursday March 12 2015

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