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Vehicle Registration

Newly Purchased Vehicle from an Individual

If you acquire a vehicle from an individual or a business other than a licensed dealer you must register the vehicle in your name within seven days from the date of purchase. To apply for registration in your name, you must bring in the title assigned to you, your Georgia's driver's license, proof of Georgia insurance and proof of Georgia emissions, if applicable. If the title is not available from the seller at the time of purchase, you may apply for a 30-day Temporary Operating Permit. To receive a Temporary Operating Permit you must bring in a bill of sale signed by the previous owner(s), a copy of the previous owner(s) registration, your Georgia driver's license, proof of Georgia insurance and proof of Georgia emissions, if applicable. If a passing emissions test has been performed within the last 12 months, you will not need a new inspection. Click here for emissions information.

Non-Title Vehicles (1985 and older): If you are applying for a tag only because a Georgia title is not required & your vehicle is currently registered in a non-title state/country, you must submit the vehicle's original valid registration certificate, issued in your name or properly assigned to you. If the registration was not issued in your name & there are no spaces for transferring ownership, original signed bills of sale must be submitted establishing a complete & correct chain of ownership from the registered owner up through you, the current owner. You must also submit an original Certificate of Inspection, form T-22B, completed & signed by a Georgia law enforcement officer, your Georgia County Tag Agent, or his/her designated employee, after he/she makes a visual inspection of your vehicle's ID plate, a/k/a serial plate. Any officer completing the Certificate of Inspection, form T-22B, must query the G.C.I.C., Georgia Crime Information Center, to determine if the vehicle is stolen & he/she shall indicate that the query was made on the face of the form T-22B. This form will not be accepted if it is incomplete or contains alterations or erasures.

Last updated: Tuesday June 30 2015

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