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Contact henry County Government

Storm Water Management Program 2014 Survey

Henry county Storm Water Management is conducting a survey as part of our Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) program. The purpose of this survey is to assess current knowledge of storm water pollution in our communities so that we can provide educational programs to help improve public awareness. The goal of the program is to protect and improve local water quality by reducing storm water contaminants.

Your participation is important and greatly appreciated!

Name of Street ONLY

District (If known)

Age Range

1. We have an unlimited supply of fresh water in our communities.

2. The water quality of our community’s lakes rivers and streams etc. is

3. The water quality of our local streams has an effect on the County’s drinking water.

4. Which of the following is part of the storm drain system?

5. What is the main cause of surface water pollution?

6. The way you maintain your home (lawn care, trash disposal, pet care, etc.) affects water quality.

7. After storm waters enter a storm drain or roadside ditch it goes

8. Other than rain & water from snow melt which of the following is considered an acceptable discharge to a drain?

9. I typically wash my car at?

10. Has your septic system been checked or serviced during the past five years?

11. How old is your septic tank?

12. Do you or other members of your household usually change motor oil, transmission fluid or radiator fluid for vehicles at your home?

13. Where does your household typically dispose of household hazardous waste materials (used oil/fluids, batteries, pesticides, paints etc.)?

14. How does your household typically dispose of pet waste?

15. What does your household (or lawn service) typically do with your grass clippings and leaves?

16. How often do you fertilize your lawn?

17. Would participate in a workshop on green infrastructure or rainwater harvesting?

18. Have you ever visited www.henrycountystormwater.com or called our office 770-288-7246 (RAIN)?

19. Do you know how much your storm water utility fee is?

20. Henry County Stormwater Management Department provides the following services:

21. How willing would you be to pay an increase in utility fees to fund storm water improvements in the community where you live to reduce flood and damage?

22. Stormwater structures on private property are owned and maintained by?

23. Do you know if you have floodplain, wetland, channels, streams or buffer areas near your house?

24. Have you ever experienced flooding on your property?

25. A drainage easement is:

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