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Stormwater Credit Information

The key aspects of the credit policy were derived and affirmed through public meetings and guidance from the Board of Commissioners, Henry County staff, and a broad cross-section of stormwater program stakeholders. This public process identified certain essential objectives that are implicit in the stated policy. The objectives of the policy are to:

  • Promote equity among rate payers and within the rate structure,
  • Promote property owner participation,
  • Promote the implementation and maintenance of best management practices (BMPs),
  • Protect and preserve water quality, and
  • Prevent and reduce public expenditures on the stormwater management program.

Single Family Residence (SFR)

Single family residential (SFR) parcels are not eligible for the stormwater service fee credits specified in the Service Fee Credit Manual, as these parcels have already been provided with a built-in credit within the basic service fee rate structure. The stormwater fee rate structure incorporates a credit provision for SFR parcels in that all SFR parcels regardless of size are charged a single common annual fee. The single common fee recognizes that while larger parcels generally include more impervious area, the intensity of development of larger parcels, as indicated by the percent of imperviousness, is generally less and therefore serves to mitigate flooding and water quality impacts that may be attributable to a characteristically greater amount of impervious area.

This built in provision greatly simplifies and reduces the costs associated with implementation of the credit policy for SFR parcels. In essence, SFR parcels that may have been eligible for a credit are automatically granted one. Eliminating the potential case by case consideration of single family residential parcels supports the essential objective of preventing and reducing public expenditures on the stormwater management program. As of the 2008 property tax digest, there were 46,290 developed single family residential parcels in unincorporated Henry County.

NON-Single Family Residence (NSFR)

All Non-Single Family Residential (NSFR) parcels are eligible for consideration for service fee credits as specified in the Service Fee Credit Manual.

The Stormwater Utility Service Fee Credit Manual establishes criteria and a process for the appropriate and effective adjustment of stormwater fees to account for qualifying activities, practices, and property characteristics that reduce the County’s cost of services related to stormwater management. This policy is based on the following premises:

  • Property owners exercise control over factors that affect stormwater runoff quality and quantity.
  • Property owners may reduce the utility’s costs of services through development choices, specific property facilities, management practices, and services.
  • Stormwater fees and credits provide an incentive for improved watershed management practices.
  • The impervious area of a parcel is the primary basis for determination of the applicable base fee.

The Stormwater Utility Service Fee Credit Manual has been created to provide information and procedures for applying for a stormwater service fee credit or fee adjustment for factors related to the amount of impervious area.

Last updated: Friday January 02 2009

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