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State Stormwater RegulationBetween 1972, when the first Clean Water Act was passed, and 1990, about $260 billion in private and public funds was spent on wastewater treatment facilities. Another $20 billion, most of it from the public sector, was spent to comply with federal requirements on drinking water quality. The 1987 amendments to the Water Quality Act were the first concerted effort by the federal government to address pollution from non-point sources, including agricultural fields and feedlots, urban streets, and runoff channeled through municipal storm-water systems. The law required states to develop a non-point-source management plan. The 1987 act also created and funded several special programs, including one to deal with toxic hot spots and one to protect estuaries of national importance.

There are various regulations in place at the local, state and federal level for the management of stormwater and water quality. To review additional environmental legislation please visit the respective websites.

Henry County Stormwater Ordinances

Henry County has enacted the following regulations for stormwater management and watershed protection. On September 15, 2009, the Board of commissioners adopted the Unified Land Development Code (ULDC). The ULDC replaces Chapters 3-6 through 3-11 of the Henry County Code of Ordinances.

To review the portions of the ULDC, please use the following steps:

  1. Access Municode
  2. Henry County, Georgia, County Codes
  3. Part III - County Ordinances
  4. Appendix A – Unified Land Development Code (ULDC)
  5. Locate the Chapter in the Right Section of the screen
  6. Access the relevant Section of the ULDC Code.

Unified Land Development Code




Code No.


Alternative Site Design Standards

Conservation Subdivision Development (CSD)
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Protection of Natural Features and Resources

Floodplain Management / Flood Damage Prevention
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Protection of Natural Features and Resources

Illicit Discharge
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Standards for Stormwater Management

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Protection of Natural Features and Resources

Stream Buffer Protection
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County Code of Ordinances



Litter Control
(Electronic version pending)




Stormwater Management Utility
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Awarding a Contract for Floodplain Mapping Services for the Stormwater Department
Georgia Stormwater Management Manual
Stormwater Stakeholder Advisory Committee
Inspection Staff to Locate Stormwater Outfalls
Metro North Georgia Water Planning District Model Ordinances: Litter Control, Illicit Discharge, Conservation Subdivision and Post Development Stormwater Management

For information on specific city ordinances and resolutions, please visit the following links.

City of Hampton
City of Locust Grove
City of McDonough
City of Stockbridge


Atlanta Regional Commission
Clean Water Campaign
Georgia Stormwater Management Manual (The Blue Book)
Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District

State Regulations

Pollution in our streams, lakes and rivers prevents these water bodies from meeting their water quality standards and designated uses regulated under the EPA's National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). For the State of Georgia the NPDES regulations are being administered by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD). Phase I of the NPDES (issued 1990) stormwater regulations were aimed at medium and large Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s) with populations greater than 100,000 people. The Phase I regulations addressed discharges from regulated municipal, industrial, and certain construction activities.

Phase II of the NPDES Stormwater regulations (issued 1999) require that small MS4s (population less than 10,000) prepare and implement stormwater management plans to control pollution of stormwater from urbanized areas. Please visit the Watershed Protection Branch of the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) for a complete review of Georgia’s Environmental Rules and Laws.

State Rules & Laws

Environmental Protection Division (EPD)

Federal Regulations

The United States Congress enacted the Clean Water Act in the early 1970s to protect water resources throughout the nation. Since then, water quality in the United States has improved considerably. This legislation has provided the nation with a wide-ranging structure for principles; technical tools and financial assistance that can help improve water quality and reduce pollution.

Federal Regulations & Laws

Stormwater Final Rules
Clean Water Act
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

Last updated: Thursday February 27 2014

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Stormwater Survey

Stormwater Calendar

Stormwater Technical & Engineering Documents

Stormwater: Public Outreach

Stormwater: Drainage Complaint

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