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Public Outreach & Education

Henry County Stormwater Management recognizes that one of the most effective ways to protect water quality is through pollution prevention. Therefore we have provided a variety of educational resources designed to encourage environmentally responsible behavior at home, school and work. All of the outreach material is designed to educate and promote behavioral changes that result in an overall reduction in stormwater pollution. In addition, the Stormwater Management Department hosts annual activities that encourage citizens to participate and get involved in pollution prevention and education. The events will be posted on our events page; please check it periodically for updates or feel free to contact our office at 770-288-RAIN (7246) for more details.

Getting Informed

This section provides a variety of stormwater pollution prevention links. We have provide resources that include a stormwater glossary to help explain the terminology used thorough this site. In addition to these resources, the Stormwater Management Department has assembled a library of brochures, tapes and DVD's. Topics include point, non-point source, total maximum daily loads (TMDL's), and on-site septic maintenance information and more.

Henry County Stormwater Management
Stormwater Glossary of Terms
Download the Henry County Stormwater glossary in PDF format.
Clean Water Campaign
Clean Water Campaign
What Can I Do?

Clean Water Campaign is a cooperative multi-agency education and public awareness programs solutions to water quality issues. This site provides a variety of stormwater resources to the educational, residential and business community.
Clean Water Campaign
Stormwater Brochures and Printed Material
Clean Water Campaign brochures and fact sheets are a great resource for additional information and to share with others. Downloadable in a PDF format.
Best Management Practices Search
An Environmental Protection Agency Resource where you can perform a general search for keywords on problems associated with stormwater, general Best Management Practices (BMP) information.
Student & Teacher Resources
A variety of age appropriate environmental resources for both formal and non-formal educators.
Learn about your Watershed
You can find useful information about the Henry County Ocmulgee Watershed
Project Wet
Project WET:
Teachers and Educators

Project WET is a national program designed to promote and provide global water education resources to teachers, parents, students and the community.
The Globe Program
The Globe Program
GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) is a worldwide hands-on, primary and secondary school-based science and education program.

What You Can Do

Watch video Remember any sediment, trash, debris, chemicals or other harmful substances that come in contact with rain can end up in our streams and rivers. All of us can help keep our streams clean and healthy. Here are some things you can do.

Individuals and Homeowners

  • Don't blow leaves or grass into ditches or storm drains, because they will end up in a stream or lake.
  • Don't overuse fertilizers or pesticides.
  • Maintain your septic systems properly.
  • Don't pour anything you would not want to bathe in into a gutter or storm drain.
  • Take used oil, paint, and antifreeze to a recycling center; Never pour these items into a storm drain.
  • Keep pets away from waterside areas used by people.
  • Pick up after your pets; this will prevent unhealthy bacteria from entering our streams.
  • Be an example to children by properly disposing of trash and toxic materials.
  • Tell a friend how he or she can help eliminate or reduce pollution.
  • Report any unauthorized dumping in storm drains or near streams and rivers.

As Business Owners

  • Recycle grease and oil; Do not pour them into sinks or onto parking areas or streets.
  • Store materials safely and keep toxic materials in original containers.
  • Make sure contaminated water and chemicals are disposed of properly; Do not dump them into storm drains.
  • Keep your dumpsters clean with the lids closed, and ensure they are not leaking.
  • Report any illicit discharges to the proper authorities.

Clean Water Campaign - Henry CountyAs Developers

  • Use low impact site design techniques.
  • Implement erosion control measures to prevent runoff.
  • Inspect and maintain construction sites to prevent runoff.
  • Locate sites away from down sloping streets or driveway, as well as streams, lakes or drainage ways.
  • Clean up daily by scraping and sweeping up soils tracked onto roadways.
  • Prevent root damage of shrubbery and trees by placing barriers around plant life.
  • Revegetate through mulching and seeding.

If you would like more information on what you can do to prevent stormwater pollution, please visit EPA - Stormwater Menu of Best Management Practices and EPA-Water. For more information visit WHAT CAN I DO at Clean Water Campaign. For "Site Design" development tools and tips, visit the Georgia Stormwater Management Manual and the Center for Watershed Protection.


Last updated: Monday September 29 2014

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