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Operation & Maintenance

Henry County Stormwater Operation & MaintenanceStormwater facilities include a wide assortment of structures designed to manage, treat, control and/or infiltrate the stormwater runoff from a certain area of land. Typical facilities include swales (channels), storm inlets, infiltration basins, and detention basins. A stormwater management facility, no matter how well-designed, cannot function without a suitable long-term maintenance program. Lack of proper operation and maintenance is often cited as the number one reason for failure of stormwater facilities.

Components of the Operation and Maintenance Plan

First is the creation of a detailed plan that establishes the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) program, including an O&M plan, for a specific site. The second step involves implementing the O&M program by performing site inspections and addressing maintenance issues as they occur. Implementation will require funding, record keeping, and the ability to enforce the O&M plan and agreement.

The O&M plan provides a general description of operation and maintenance activities for all stormwater facilities. Maintenance is divided into preventive, routine and *remedial categories. Source control is one example of a preventive maintenance strategy that seeks to protect the stormwater facility and therefore minimize maintenance by reducing runoff or pollutants at the source. Routine maintenance addresses the expected activities required to keep the stormwater facility in proper condition. Routine maintenance may include mowing, vegetation maintenance, and clean out of accumulated debris and sediment.

Privately owned (non-single-family residential developments), homeowners associations, merchants associations and private owners are responsible for maintaining the functionality of their stormwater management conveyance or device. Non-SFR properties are also tasked with retro-fitting their existing flood control device to include water quality to receive a stormwater utility fee credit.

Note: *Remedial maintenance refers to the non-routine or corrective maintenance, rehabilitation and/or reconstruction of the stormwater facility that is not otherwise addressed under routine maintenance. Remedial maintenance is typically done when some part of the facility deteriorates due to aging or damage. Remedial maintenance may involve repairing or replacing inlet or outlet structures, or repairing areas of excessive erosion and slope failure.

Last updated: Tuesday February 22 2011

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