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Media Gallery

Nonpoint source stormwater pollution occurs when water runs over impervious surfaces picks up contaminants and carries it to our local waters. The Environmental Protection Agency and local municipalities recognize that stormwater pollution has become a major environmental issue and is one of the leading sources of water quality degradation. The following clips were designed to increase stormwater pollution awareness and prevention.

Windows Media Player is required to view the videos. This can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft website here. The minimum system requirements for watching the Archived video are available here.

Journey of a Raindrop
Follow the journey of a raindrop after it hits the ground.
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Clean Water Campaign #1
Lawn, trash and dog pollution prevention solutions.
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Be River Smart
Water pollution prevention awareness.
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Clean Water Campaign #2
Car wash, fertilizer and spills pollution prevention solutions.
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Water Arrest
A humorous look at stormwater pollution and the trouble it causes.
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