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Adopt-A-Stream Chemical Workshop

The Stormwater department is hosting Adopt-A-Stream workshops on Tuesday, July 19 and Thursday, July 21. Please see the attached flyer for more information.

Download Workshop Flyer

Adopt-A-StreamWater pollution affects us all. Although there are no easy remedies, correcting water pollution depends on a future generation of informed, concerned citizens. We invite concerned people like you to take an active role in assuring the well-being of your communities' water resources.

Adopt-A-Stream is an educational volunteer water quality-monitoring program designed to help you, young people, and help our local waterway. Groups supported by Henry County Stormwater agree to observe or evaluate their adopted waterway and take action together to improve their lake, stream, pond, or wetland.

Adopt-A-Stream program; you can help make a difference in our environment by joining volunteers throughout Henry County who monitor water quality in local waterways. The data you collect is sometimes used to assess the overall condition of streams and could be used to help determine watershed management initiatives.

The Henry County Stormwater Management Department (HCSMD) will provide all the necessary training and equipment you will need to become an Adopt-A-Stream Volunteer. No prior experience is necessary. The monitoring equipment is loaned and shared and contains everything needed to conduct both biological and chemical monitoring.

Adopt-A-StreamAdopt-A-Stream volunteer monitoring combines the efforts of public and private communities in hopes of improving and protecting the water quality of Henry County. The program is open to everyone: citizens, families, schools, scout groups, civic organizations, churches, and business. The Adopt-A-Stream program goals are to increase public awareness of local water resources, provide volunteer training, collect quality data and build partnerships to protect our most precious resource- WATER.

We train volunteers to assess natural conditions in streams based on the presence and abundance of benthic macro invertebrates (aquatic insects). Volunteers also learn how to take chemical measurements. Training includes indoor and field workshops and mentoring by experienced monitors.

Adopt-A-StreamVolunteers can monitor at different levels of commitment. You may choose to assist other monitors when it is convenient for your schedule. On the other hand, you may select a stream location to adopt and commit to monitoring it four times a year. We will make the program work for you!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer monitor, contact the Henry County Adopt-A-Stream Coordinator.

Last updated: Tuesday June 28 2016

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