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Ballot Language for SPLOST IV Program Approved

The Henry County Board of Commissioners has approved the ballot language for the referendum to be placed on the upcoming November 2013 election ballot regarding whether a one percent Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax should be reimposed to fund capital and transportation projects in the community.  The action took place during the August 29 called meeting for such purpose.  The ballot language shall read as follows:

( ) Yes 
( ) No

Shall a special one percent (1%) sales and use tax be reimposed in the special 
district of Henry County for a period of time not to exceed twenty four (24) 
calendar quarters and for the raising of an estimated amount of $190,000,000 
for the purpose of financing the following capital outlay projects to be owned 
or operated or both by Henry County, Georgia, the City of Hampton, the 
City of Locust Grove, the City of McDonough, City of Stockbridge or any 
combination thereof: (1) roads, bridges, sidewalks and transportation 
facilities, (2) public safety facilities and equipment; (3) public works facilities 
and equipment, (4) public building development, construction and 
renovation, (5) parks, recreation and community facilities, (6) land acquired 
for public use, and (7) repayment of any debt or other obligations associated 
with any of said projects.

If reimposition of the tax is approved by the voters, such vote shall also 
constitute approval of the issuance of general obligation debt of Henry 
County, Georgia, in the principal amount not to exceed $100,000,000 for the 
above purpose.

If approved by voters in November, Henry County will be able to collect the sales tax for a period of six years beginning in April 2014, with 25 percent to be allocated amongst the four cities as follows:  Hampton will receive 11.64 percent, Locust Grove will receive 8.99 percent, McDonough will receive 36.74 percent, and Stockbridge will receive 42.64 percent.

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Based on a revenue projection of $190 million, Henry County’s portion of 75 percent will yield $142.5 million for county projects.  This includes approximately $42.5 million in county-wide, tier 1 projects, including the following:
• 911 Radio Communications System for the County $7 million
• Ambulances $380,000
• 2nd Building of Southern Crescent Technical College* $5 million
• DOT Construction Equipment Replacement $450,000 
• Jail Renovation/New Pod Design $1.5 million
• Airport FBO $1 million
• Animal Control Facility Improvements and Equipment $100,000
• 30 Police Patrol Vehicles $1,406,806 
• Fire Stations (3 new) $6 million
• Fire Department Capital Equipment $2.1 million
• Probate Court Building Improvements $220,000
• Police Station (North end of the County - Fairview area) $4 million
• New Interchange on I-75 South of SR 155** $5.5 million
• SPLOST Program Management $3.9 million
• Sewer to Airport $2 million
• Sewer to Fairview $2 million
The balance of approximately $100 million will be divided equally among the five commission districts, providing each one about $20 million to allocate for capital and transportation projects, according to their district’s needs and priorities.  To view a complete list of all the SPLOST IV projects, please visit http://www.co.henry.ga.us/SPLOST/SPLOSTIV.shtml

* Funding of Technical School Building subject to a valid property interest being conveyed to the County and one or more municipalities by the State of Georgia or instrumentality thereof.
** Funding of Interchange @ I-75 subject to final determination that this project is a “transportation facility” under SPLOST law.

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