Henry County Police Department | Henry County, Georgia Henry County Police Department | Henry County, Georgia Henry County Police Department | Henry County, Georgia
Henry County Police Department | Henry County, Georgia Henry County Police Department | Henry County, Georgia Henry County Police Department | Henry County, Georgia
Henry County Police Department | Henry County, Georgia Henry County Police Department | Henry County, Georgia
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Henry County Police Department | Henry County, GA

Contact Us

108 S. Zack Hinton Pkwy
McDonough, GA 30253
Tel: (770) 288-8200

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Henry County Police Department

Frequently Asked Questions

What area does the Henry County Police Department cover?
Henry County Police Department serves the unincorporated community within the county lines of Henry County and the City of Stockbridge. The cities of McDonough, Hampton and Locust Grove have police departments which serve areas within the city limits. A mutual aid agreement has been signed between the cities within Henry County, surrounding counties, and Henry County. During times of emergency or request from other agencies, Henry County may serve other communities or may be served by other agencies.


Where is the Henry County Police Department Located?
Headquarters (South Precinct)
108 S. Zack Hinton Pkwy.
McDonough, GA 30253
Phone (770) 288-8200

North Precinct
4545 North Henry Blvd.
Stockbridge, GA 30281
Phone (770) 288-8239


How can I file a Report?

  1. Contact the police department in the city or county where the crime occurred. Talk to a police officer as soon as possible after the crime took place or as soon as you discover that a crime has occurred so your memory of the incident and individuals involved is fresh.
  2. Know that you can file a police report at the Watch Office in the local police station; by telephone, 770-288-8328 or 770-288-8210 between the hours of 8:00 am – 3:30 pm Monday-Friday; or ask for an officer to come to your home, if you reside in Henry County. Be prepared to answer questions such as the type of crime that transpired, items missing or damaged, name of the person who committed the crime (if known) and a description of the suspect along with his address and vehicle type (if known). Also give your contact information so the officer can follow up with you on the case.
  3. Receive a case number for your police report. Refer to the number when you want an update on your case and if you'd like a copy of the police report.
  4. Understand that there is no fee to file a police report. However, some reports may not be released or there may be a fee to get a copy of the police report. Please call 770-288-8278 to inquire on a report.


Tips & Warnings

  • Follow up with the officer who took your police report. Ask for an update on the case and provide additional information if needed.
  • Never file a false police report. This is considered a crime that is punishable under the law.


How do I obtain a copy of an accident or incident report?
An incident report or accident report may be obtained in person from the Records Unit for $5.00. Please allow 3 business days (or 72 hours) from the date the report was filed before a request for a copy of the report is made.

Family Violence Reports cannot be obtained unless an arrest has been made and then only the victim or aggressor will have the rights to the report. Accident reports can only be obtained by the vehicle owners or insurance companies involved in the accident. Incident and accident reports are not currently available online.

To request a report by mail, send $5.00 (cashiers check or money order payable to the Henry County Police Department) along with the case number and your name and a self addressed stamped envelope to:

Henry County Police Department
Records Unit
108 South Zack Hinton Parkway
McDonough, GA 30253


How can I get information about Crime Prevention and Neighborhood Watch Programs?
Please contact our COPS unit for further information at (770) 288-8275.


How do I file a complaint on an officer?
Instructions on filing a complaint on an officer can be found here.


How do I get an Alcohol Permit?
Alcohol work permits are available from the police department Tuesday through Thursday from 8:00 am until 11:00 am and from 1:00 pm until 4:00 pm. There is a $25.00 administrative background investigation fee for the work permit. A $10.00 fee is required for the issuance of a badge.


How do I check on the investigative status of my case?
If your report has been assigned to a detective you will be contacted within a few days of filing the report. If you have not heard from a detective and you need to talk to one, you can call (770) 288-8299 to speak to someone in the Criminal Investigation Division.


What employment opportunities are available with the Henry County Police Department?
Employment opportunities with this department can be found here.


How can I obtain my property?
Call (770) 288-8312 to speak with a Property & Evidence Technician to ensure the evidence/property is returnable. The Property & Evidence Department is located at 108 S. Zack Hinton Pkwy. McDonough, GA 30253 and can be accessed from the back right corner of the Police Department. Please make sure to bring proper identification and proof of ownership of the property you are requesting be released.


Does Henry County Police Department allow citizens to ride along with an officer?
Henry County Police Department does not allow citizens to ride along with patrol officers.


How do I find out where my impounded vehicle is located?
Henry County Police Department utilizes Swanson’s Wrecker Service and Elkins Wrecker Service. If your vehicle was impounded north of Jonesboro Road, you should first check with Swanson’s Wrecker Service: phone (770) 320-7912 or (770) 474-7955. If your vehicle was impounded south of Jonesboro Road, you should first check with Elkins Wrecker Service: phone: (770) 957-3911.

Last updated: Monday December 29 2014