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Henry County, GA

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One Judicial Center
Suite 115
McDonough, GA 30253
Tel: (770) 288-6866
TTY: (770) 288-6818

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Juvenile Court

Staff: Clerk's Office

Patti Johnson, Clerk of Court/ Court Administrator
Sylvia Ball, Administrative Assistant
Susan Greenley, Deputy Clerk III
Marsha Davis, Deputy Clerk II
Karen Kilgallen, Deputy Clerk II
Raybyn Clark, Deputy Clerk II
Misty Bishop, Deputy Clerk I
Holly Earnest, Panels Coordinator

Staff: Probation Department

Angela Craig , Director of Court Services
Shelda Taylor, Deputy Director of Court Services
Jeff Fox, ISP/Community Service Supervisor
Amy Kuhns, Mental Health Specialist & Programs Coordinator
Sherrie Grant
, Administrative Assistant &
Mediation Coordinator
Consuelo Griffin
, Probation Officer
Thomas Hamilton, Probation Officer
Ayana Lewis, Probation Officer
Vincent Jackson, Probation Officer
Gabriel Ruppert, Probation Officer
Charlatte Smith
, Probation Officer
Raymond (Alan) Stamey, Probation Officer
Meredith Smith, Probation Officer


Last updated: Friday April 09 2010

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