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Henry county state court is now conducting all court proceedings via zoom. All court events except for some probation hearings may be attended either live or online.

Some probationers may be directed to attend court in person. We encourage all other persons to attend virtually. To attend online as a participant, you should receive an invitation in the mail, or you may call the clerk at 770.288.7800 or the Solicitor (Prosecutor) at 770.288.7178. If you are a party, attorney, or witness attending online, you must follow the instructions to log in per the invitation or appear in person in the courtroom.

The clerk’s office is open during regular business hours.

Most traffic tickets can be paid any time at wwww.henrytix.com or by phone at 1.470.288.1755.

For everyone’s health and safety, all persons must submit to a covid-19 health screening before entering the judicial center; must wear a mask covering mouth and nose at all times; and must observe social distancing as directed by court or sheriff’s staff.

If you are sick or have been exposed to someone with covid-19, do not enter the building. Attend court online. Call the clerk or solicitor at the numbers above for more information.


We welcome and encourage your attendance at court hearings by teleconference rather than appearing in person. When attending by teleconference, keep in mind that the same rules of conduct apply. In other words, you’re actually attending court and it’s important that your actions and appearance not obstruct or disrupt the proceedings, so that the Court can conduct its business and give everyone (including you) a fair hearing. To that end, it is important that all participants follow these common-sense instructions:

  • Dress as if in court
  • Sit at up-right chair at a table or desk
  • No food or drinks allowed during session
  • Be in a room or location where no one else can audibly or visually disrupt the proceedings
  • Must participate via audio AND video
  • Must be in well lit room or area and must always show face on screen and cannot leave the screen to run errands
  • No hats or headcovers (unless for religious purposes)
  • Make sure device is fully charged so nointerruption in participation
  • Notexting, talking to third parties, netsurfing, emailing, or doing any thing else during session that would be adistraction
  • No lying down, lounging, driving or leaving the video screen
  • No smoking orvaping
  • No use of profanity

Judge Ben Studdard

Judge Ben Studdard
Phone: (770) 288-7357
Fax: (770) 288-7686
Cindi Owens
(770) 288-7357
Law Clerk: Corey Gagnon
(770) 288-7360
Court Reporter: Nancy Seabolt
(770) 288-7361
Address: 1 Judicial Center
Suite 310
McDonough, Georgia 30253

Virtual Calendars via Zoom or WebEx

Personal Meeting ID: 383 157 9159
Passcode: BWSZoom
Numeric Password: 7932636

Judge David Brown

Judge David Brown
Phone: (770) 288-8463
Fax: (770) 288-8469
Kristi L. Wallace
(770) 288-8463
Law Clerk: Robert A. Hawk
(770) 288-8465
Court Reporter: Kim Hopkins
(770) 288-8466
Address: 1 Judicial Center
Suite 320
McDonough, Georgia 30253

Virtual Calendars via Zoom or WebEx

Meeting ID: 89276259876
Passcode: statecourt

Judge Vincent A. “Vinny” Lotti

Judge Vincent A. “Vinny” Lotti
Phone: (770) 288-7377
Fax: (678) 272-2049
Jennifer Starr
(770) 288-7377
Court Reporter: Diane DuBois
(770) 288-7380
Law Clerk Sydny J. Jones
(770) 288-7379
Address: 1 Judicial Center
Suite 330
McDonough, Georgia 30253

Virtual Calendars via Zoom or WebEx


Meeting ID: 995 061 7940
Passcode: CourtRoom4

Judge Danielle P. Roberts

Judge Danielle P. Roberts
Phone: (770) 288-7367
Fax: (770) 288-7688
Jasmin Head
(770) 288-7367
Court Reporter: Kathy Powell
(770) 288-7372
Law Clerk: Ariana Benton 
(770) 288-7371
Address: 1 Judicial Center
Suite 340
McDonough, Georgia 30253

Judge Robert's Zoom Link

• Judge Robert's Calendar
Meeting ID: 834 6548 3889 | Password: DPR2021

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