Henry Television

HenryTVHenryTV is the product of a Board of Commissioners who wished to make government more accessible to citizens. With 70 percent of our residents commuting outside the County to work every day, we know that citizen participation in Commission meetings and other County functions is sometimes very difficult. With television as an avenue of communication, we can bring government to the citizens, in the comfort of their own homes, and ultimately foster a better informed, more involved community. HenryTV is Henry County's best source for information about Henry County government news, programs and events. And it is the only place citizens can watch Henry County Commission meetings from gavel to gavel. For the most up-to-date, accurate and dependable information about your local government, trust the official source.

HenryTV Staff

Melissa Robinson
Communications Director
Kevin Williams
Communications Broadcast Producer
Edward Gore
Communications Broadcast Specialist
Meredith Butler - Communications Designer / Webmaster Meredith Butler
Communications Designer/Webmaster