HENRY COUNTY, GA- December 7, 2017—The Henry County Board of Commissioners approved a resolution at the December 5, 2017 Commission meeting, regarding the licensing and implementation of Tyler MUNIS Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software and Tyler New World Public Safety Software.

The new software will aid in efficiency and decision making, providing benefits for both employees and citizens of the county. Employees will be able to log onto an employee portal to update personal information, view check stubs, and elect benefit packages and insurance. Citizens will be able to interact with county officials and departments on a citizens’ self-service module, where they can give feedback and suggestions on things that are happening in the county.

This system will offer support to Henry County’s Public Safety Departments as well. It will aid in collaboration between jurisdictions and provide a central source in a common database that other municipalities can utilize, and will be compatible with all the national crime data formats. Citizens will also have ready access on crime and accident information, and jail inmate status.

Henry County Deputy County Manager Brad Johnson shared his remarks regarding the software update.

“This is a game-changer. To place mobile data terminals in all public safety apparatus to have that specific information is important,” said Johnson. “We are 10 to 12 years behind the curve already [with not having this technology] so this is a game-changer for our Public Safety and for citizens in Henry County.”

The project cost is approximately $3.9 million with an annual maintenance fee of approximately $242,000 and $189,500 respectively beginning in year two of the contract. Commissioners approved a budget amendment in the amount of $4,020,678 from the cash on hand in the Capital Assets Fund to the Technology Services Computers Capital fund for the project.

The implementation process of the new ERP and Public Safety systems is expected to take approximately two years.