HENRY COUNTY- November 8, 2017-- In light of recent attacks against public gatherings and as part of his commitment to keeping Henry County safe, Sheriff Keith McBrayer has announced another presentation of his widely acclaimed Church Safety and Security Program. The presentation is designed to help religious leaders better protect their congregations during worship services and other activities.

This training initiative was first introduced by Sheriff McBrayer in 2009 and has been continuously updated as laws and conditions have changed. The methodology has been successfully implemented by a wide segment of Henry County places of worship and distributed to law enforcement agencies throughout Georgia and in other states.

This presentation of the Church Safety and Security Program will be held November 20, at 7 p.m. in the Henry County Administration Building in McDonough. Sheriff McBrayer said, “The numbers of church leaders who have expressed interest in learning more about our program has given us the opportunity to hold another informative training session.” Attendees will learn why a church safety and security program is necessary and how to perform a safety and security “risk analysis”. The Sheriff’s Office will provide the necessary worksheets to properly perform the initial analysis.

“We are very pleased by the feedback we have received from our previous programs,” McBrayer said. “Our system is comprehensive and has two main parts; the first being an overview of why Church Security is necessary, and how to perform a risk analysis. We are available to follow-up with site specific plans and training classes if needed.”

The Sheriff is inviting clergy or leaders of the various places of worship in Henry County to attend this non-denominational assembly to understand the workings of Church Security. Sheriff McBrayer added, “Violence in places of worship has greatly increased nationwide. Our goal is to make religious leaders aware of what is happening in their environment and what they can do to be prepared to deal with a crisis regardless of the magnitude.”

The program begins with the real-life reasons a safety and security program is needed, identifies the next steps for implementation and supplies guidelines and documents to help build a successful church safety program.

To reserve seats for this seminar, contact Sharon Mitchell at 770-288-7127.