HENRY COUNTY- October 6, 2017—Members of the Henry County Fire Department participated in hazmat training Wednesday morning at the United States Cold Storage facility in McDonough.

First level hazmat responders learned the fundamental pieces of identifying hazardous chemicals and studied specific safety measures and procedures when dealing with accidental releases.

While in training, firefighters were able to tour the United States Cold Storage facility where they experienced zero degree temperatures in a refrigeration area that reached over seven million cubic feet in order to maintain correct levels for hazardous materials.

Battalion Chief Lucas Harmsen believes hazmat training is essential for both the fire department and businesses in the county to partake in.

“Henry County Fire Department is very active in the community and works with other companies, training them to detect ammonia and other hazardous chemicals that will ensure the safety of all individuals in those types of situations,” said Harmsen.

The Henry County Fire Department has been participating in hazmat training events for over ten years and visits hazmat facilities once a year to remain updated with all types of safety precautions.

For more information on the Henry County Fire Department or hazmat training events, please visit www.co.henry.ga.us/portals/0/Fire/index.shtml or lepc.co.henry.ga.us/.