HENRY COUNTY- October 5, 2017—The Board of Commissioners approved an increase in ambulance transport rates for the Henry County Fire Department at the regular Commission meeting.

The current rates for ambulance transport is $500 for Basic Life Support, $600 for Advanced Life Support I and $725 for Advanced Life Support II with a mileage at $10. The adjusted rate for Basic Life Support is $800 and Advanced Life Support I and II is $1100 with a mileage at $13.

Henry County Fire Department requested an increase in transport rates because the demand for service and transport has increased nearly twenty percent since 2012.

“We have seen significant increases in our equipment that we use. Henry County EMS is one of the top rated EMS services in the area, we have a 16 percent save rate from cardiac arrest in the county and that is unheard of,” said Deputy Fire Chief Chris Sherwood. “We have that save rate because of the new equipment that we have on board of our ambulances.”

Sherwood said that Medicare and Medicaid patients would not see an increase as these are set rates.