HENRY COUNTY—April 19, 2017- Support for a Judicial Needs Study regarding  the creation of a fourth Superior Court Judgeship for the Flint Judicial Circuit was voiced after Superior Court Chief Judge Arch McGarity made a presentation on the need for an additional judge in the court system at the Board of Commissioners April 18 meeting.

In McGarity’s presentation to the Henry County Commission, he detailed the need for the fourth position and explained that growth in the county over the years necessitates help in the judiciary branch of government. He stated that over the past several years Henry County’s population has increased and continues to grow annually at a rate of 2.3 percent. More businesses have also moved into the county, impacting both criminal and civil litigation in the county.

The state average of civil case filings is 1,200 per judge but currently the county’s case filings are 1,369 per judge which is 14 percent higher than the state average. Additionally the criminal court caseload per judge is 378 comprised mostly of serious criminal acts.

The Flint Judicial Circuit in Henry County has had three Superior Court judges since January 1, 2006 and has been recommended by the Judicial Council of Georgia for a fourth Superior Court Judgeship to be added. The next step in the process is the Judicial Needs Study to be conducted by the Administrative Office of the Courts for the State of Georgia.